Vampire Baby

With Sanguine Affliction, I couldn't help but post this for ya'll:

"Can I have some more?"

Story behind this shot: Teething + growth spurt = super achy, cranky baby

I gave her some cherry tylenol, and some of course came back out. I couldn't help but take the picture. Especially since I've been calling her vampire baby, because since she got teeth, she LOVES to

tamaelia 14 years ago
LOL she is ADORABLE!! What stunning blue eyes Teething isn't fun, is it? Hope this patch passes soon for you guys.
ROzbeans 14 years ago
DigitalKisses 14 years ago
Lmfao too cute, and look at those baby blues
Darsa 14 years ago
AAAAA!! Sweet bebeh! Even with the "bloody aftermath" she's a cutiepie!