TAC Presents - Something Offensive, A Twisted Fucking Fairy Tale - FOUR DAYS LEFT!!!

In 1803, the Grimms met the Romantics Clemens Brentano and Ludwig Achim von Arnim at the University of Marburg. These two men stirred in the brothers an interest in ancient fairy tales. They started to collect and write down tales that they alleged had been handed down for generations. Among their sources were Dorothea Viehmann, and two Huguenot families, Hassenpflug and Wild, who introduced them to several tales of French origin. - wikipedia

Ok that means nothing to me but I figured we could use a little high falootin' history when introducing our next, Member inspired The Angry Crayon event. In keeping with tradition here at TAC we're taking something very gentile and twisting it the fuck up. Thanks to Lessa and LacyAnn (who will both get a choice of a TAC T-shirt from our t-shirt vendor site for the suggestion) our next event will be:

Something Offensive, A Twisted Fucking Fairy Tale

In this event all participating members will choose not one but TWO Fairy Tales - YOUR CHOICE. A resource you are welcomed to use is: Grimm's Fairy Tales, but you are NOT RESTRICTED to just that one resource. You can use ANY TWO FAIRY TALES!!

We'd like to see people choose different tales but we won't be restricting it. Just keep in mind that great creativity often comes from genuine surprise...wow I'm so deep!

Character Bio

Hair color:
Eye color:
Fairy Tale #1:
Fairy Tale #2:

NOW...We're encouraging you to take your main character(s) and twist them the FUCK up! We highly encourage everyone to use the F word as well - this aint no fucking tea party and not a traditional warm and fucking fuzzy challenge. TAC twist your TWO fairy tales up and then...

*Write/Explain YOUR Twisted Fairy Tale version:

We'd love to see your version of your two fairy tales and this can be as
and to the point or as
and detailed as you'd like but you know we want to see something long and ridiculous! Everyone will have two weeks to complete their character bio.

*(Writing a bio is NOT required, but it is a fun option - just explain your two fairy tales!)


- You do have to be a registered member of The Angry Crayon to participate. There is no posting minimum.

- The morning after the sign ups close, the 'Something Offensive' moderators will be sending private messages with the name of the person YOU HAVE BEEN ASSIGNED. Doing a trade was voted the most popular choice in our previous member poll, but we'd LIKE to see your own interpretation of your person that you are free to showcase as an avatar or sig here on TAC but we REQUIRE that you complete a portrait and signature for the person you have been assigned.

- YOU MAY NOT SHOWCASE YOUR TURN IN ANYWHERE BEFORE THE TURN IN DATE - ie deviantart, personal websites, cgtalk, TAC, StudioMMO, etc...

So, long story short (Yes, I know, too late) - Do a portrait for yourself before the turn in, do a portrait for the person named in your PM the day after sign ups are completed to be turned in August 8th. =D

Sign Ups -
June 10th to June 25th

Turn In Date
Friday August 8, 2008

Now - on to the official no nonsense stuffs...


As with every TAC event, if you choose to sign up you are committing yourself to turning in a piece for your person. You have until Friday August 8th to complete this portrait. That is six (6) weeks. Failure to complete this portrait will result in your permanent banning from future events. If you think you cannot complete a portrait within the alloted time - DO NOT SIGN UP. If for some reason you are unable to complete the portrait - TELL US AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Email us at tacstaff @ gmail.com, PM Rozbeans here on TAC or deviantart.com or browngurl @ theangrycrayon.com

6 weeks is a long time - please do not start your project days before turn in. It's a pretty shitty feeling to be left empty handed on the day of turn in - it's happened to all of us at least once in our art lifetime. PLEASE BE COURTEOUS.

Any questions, please contact Rozbeans.


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Four days left, don't forget to sign up!
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ROzbeans 15 years ago
This event is being postponed until further notice.