not totally done...still have some hair pokethrough..and need background n maybe a few other things...buT I have been working on this ALL day and I am really happy with it so far..I can see that I am getting better at some things...

cc always welcomed

not sure of all the credits, will have to look..will post all of them when I postfinaly piece...

but morph by me
hair diadem, outfit rhiannon blackthorn rose and um..pieces of Tanya outfit
DM architecture.. and blank on the rest...

Elfykins 15 years ago
done finally

V4.2 base
Face morph by me
Ears are Elfi by Thorne and Sarsa
Body mat is Paris by Mariny
Hair is Diadem by Out of Touch and Bice
Outift is a combo of Blackthorn Rose and Tanya by Rhiannon
Architecture is Mystic Fantasy by DM
Pose is a combo of Mixed Fantasy by DM and Soul of a Diva by Tabala
Lights are by me...I spent HOURS on them I hate lights!!
The beautiful background is zion stock 1 from ...color balance/brightness/contrast tweaked a lot
Adiene 15 years ago
nice job