Elfykins 14 years ago
OMFG...I used to play d1 and d2lod incessantly
Kelefane 14 years ago
The best game in history.

Hopefully D3 is as good as D1/D2
Elfykins 14 years ago
Just spent about 30 40 mins perusing the site...and it looks awesome so far...I am anxious to see what other 3 classes they have and how they look and clips of them as well...
Hubby thinks I am nuts now though...cause I called him at work to tell him about it...he doesn't play many games, but he DID play diablo almost as much as me...I guess he's kinda grown out of the game thing...
Laschae 14 years ago
I'm super excited. The Diablo games are by far my favorites.