DId You See That?

worked on this one all day... will post credits later as the family is hollering for dinner right now and like a dumbass I forgot to write what I used down as I went...again...

OK...here they are...

Base - V4.2
Face morph - me
Body Mat - Lara by RebelMommy
Hair - Yan hair by Neftis
Eyes - Lulu by Rhiannon
Clothing - Mamandulia by Mytilus
Background - Outer Rim by DidiMC
Lights - by me
Earrings - freebies from Stegy @ Renderosity
Lip Ring - Masquerade's Eve by Aery Soul
Ears - combo of Elfi & Thistledown by Thorne & Sarsa
Pose - combo of Body Language 4 by Ilona, Soul of a Diva by Tabala and much tweaking by me

Adiene 14 years ago
hehe i wonder what it was! *ducks* nice