So today while working with a figure someone told me that the 3 hours I spent patiently resizing the damned clothing to the vithing thing could be easily accomplished with magnets. So I went and bought the things for v4.2. And tried them out. I don't get them at all Maybe some of it is Daz Studio, but I've read the pdf four times now and I just don't get them. I was stupid and didn't save what I was working on as a seperate file and lost an hour of work as I can't fucking figure out how to undo them. Help? I'm about to throw my macbook out the window, and anyone that knows me knows that it is my teddy bear security blanket. Add to it that I'm looking at the elite /purr and there are more magnets for it /whimper. From what my friend said, the blasted things should be easy to use but I just don't get them!

Verileah 15 years ago
I know nothing about 3d but I think Vex posted some tutorials on magnets in this forum:
Vex 15 years ago
ack i missed this post.

Well. im not sure lyrra's magnets are meant for DAZSTUDIO at all. that might be your problem. DAZSTUDIO uses "Deformers" not "magnets".

but "easily accomplished" is relative. i know some people *cough* that hate magnets with a burning hot passion.

and then others, like adi, who make magnets her bitch on a daily basis
Verity 15 years ago
Lyrra's magnets work in studio. the "deformers" are pretty much just another name for magnet .

As for explaining how to use them..... Someone else will probably have to do that, cause I suck at explaining them.

I will recommend that you read the studio manual on the deformers, & do both of the tutorial walkthru's in there. Once you've done that, play around ith them on our own a bit & get a feel for how they work.

Perhaps tomorrow, when I'm better rested & not about to fall over in exhaustion I'll try to explain how to use them if someone else hasn't beat me to it.
Eve 15 years ago
Hey I may hate them, but I use them now and then! *swats Vex*