Want and Need 5/5

TITLE: Want and Need V (1/1)


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RATING: NC-17 (bring it on!)


SUMMARY: Sequel to Want and Need IV

AUTHOR NOTES: What's the sign say? It says, 'end of the road'.

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Want and Need V

He walked in the room and looked towards her bed. It was crumpled and slept in. Mulder suddenly felt the need to sit down. He placed himself on the edge of the bed and then touched her pillow. He paused for a moment. He turned to check her progress in the bathroom. "Need any help?"

She poked her head out of the bathroom, "I think I can manage, Mulder." And with that closed the bathroom door all the way.

With a smile he turned back to the pillow. Taking it in his hand, he bent forward and inhaled deeply. It was covered in Scully scent. The smell wafted over him like a warm breeze. He sighed deeply and closed his eyes. He inhaled deeply again, feeling want wash over him. Turning to put the pillow back his eyes strayed just above it, travelling up against the wall he had fantasized her pressing her body against. Then suddenly his eyes caught it and his mouth dropped open.

It wasn't but four feet up from the pillow. It was lipstick. And it was undeniably the shape of Scully's full, exquisite lips.

Scully took one last look at her reflection in the mirror and took a deep breath. 'Why had it taken this long', she wondered. This March made 7 years and there had been only one time they had ever come close to expressing physically how they felt. Seven years of sexual innuendoes, seven years of flirting, seven very long, frustrating years of holding back. But there was something that stirred in her last night, something she couldn't deny or even try to understand.

She had never wanted anyone as badly as she wanted Mulder last night. Scully 'knew' he was on the other side, feeling her through the wall. She could feel his hands on her shoulders, running his fingers down tickling her as they descended. She felt that kiss on her neck and she definitely heard him moan her name. It was something she had to hear again.

And again. And again.

Breathing deep and fast she shook her head. He was just outside the door in her motel room. She licked her moist lips. She needed that wanting part of her filled, and she wanted Mulder to fill her. Dana Scully closed her eyes, opened the door and walked out.

"Mulder?" Silence. She opened her eyes and her jaw dropped. He was gone. She had left him sitting on her bed with a lazy smile on his face and now he was gone. "What the?" Then her cell phone rang. She immediately walked to it and answered it. “Scully."

"Did you sleep well last night, Scully?" It was Mulder.

"Mulder, where are you? I thought you were waiting…"

"Did you sleep at all last night?" He paused. "Scully?"

She spun slowly in a circle and then peeked into his room through the open connecting doors. He wasn't there. "Mulder?"

"Or were you pressed up against the wall, Scully?"

She choked on her gasp. Just then her eyes traveled to the infamous wall and right up to the incriminating, tell tale sign of her passion last night. She choked back a colorful expletive.

Mulder chuckled. "You see it now, don't you?"

"Oh Mulder." It was nothing if not a low, primal moan.

Fox Mulder was sitting in their rental car. He had rolled up the windows and locked the car doors. His right was gripping the steering wheel, almost as hard as his left hand on his cell phone. He shuddered when she said his name. "Were you on the other side of that wall, Scully? Could you feel me want you through that wall…Scully?" He half groaned her name. "Do you want me as much as I want you, Scully?"

Dana Scully sat slowly onto her bed. She reached up and pulled at a stray hair covering her eyes. What was this feeling coming over her? Why did she feel like running far away? Why at the same time did she curse Mulder for not asking her that question in person? Years she let herself ignore this side of what Mulder and her had. For years she wondered just what it would be like to hear him say her name like he did not seven times in the past three minutes.

For years.

It took seven years of waiting, countless rebukes to his flirting, and every painful moment of want for her to answer his question. She took a deep breath and licked her lips; "You couldn't possibly want me as much as I've wanted you." She paused and smiled a lewd smile and said the one thing, the one word she knew would be their undoing. She purred his name. "Mulder."

He just about tore the steering wheel off its column. "Do you know what you do to me? Do you know that you're part of the reason I can't sleep at night? Do you know how it tears me up inside to think of you with someone other than me…even if only to get my attention, Scully?"

She knew.

"Mulder" she breathed into her phone, "where are you?" Scully unconsciously reached down and undid the single button of her suit jacket.

"Sometimes I think about the curve of your neck and the little spot the pools between your collar bones, Scully. And I want to stick my tongue in that little pool."

Scully groaned. There was no shame now. What ever happened, happened…it had been a long time coming. She undid the buttons of her blouse.

"Sometimes when I'm looking over your shoulder at your desk, I resist the urge to grab a handful of that soft red hair and claim the soft sides of your neck with my mouth."

Scully reached up with her free hand and touched the side of her neck. Then she slid it down the front of her slowly, opening up her shirt, revealing her lace bra. She laid herself back onto the bed.

"But then sometimes I just want to push you up against the office door, hike up your skirt and fuck you senseless. I want you so much Scully I just want to tear you apart. I want to leave bite marks all over your breasts and bruises in between your thighs. And that's just with my mouth. Do you know what I'd do with my hands, Scully?"

"Oh God, Mulder" she squeezed her eyes shut, "what would you do?" She had hiked her skirt up and pushed off her panties and nylons. With a delicately manicured finger Scully went to work on herself. First she'd fiercely rub her clit and then she'd reach up and pinch her nipple through her bra.

"I’d do what you're doing now." Her eyes flew open and the cell phone dropped onto the bed by her head. Mulder was standing at the connecting doorway, cell phone in hand. He looked at her now, her legs open, her blouse undone and flushed with arousal for him. He smiled. "I'd do exactly what you're doing, Scully."

Scully moved to get off the bed. With a solitary finger, raised swiftly he stopped her. She froze and with a modest blush she closed her legs. Mulder shook his head and nodded towards her legs again. "No, no," he said. With a small, predatory smile she opened them back up again.

He took a couple steps towards her and stop right in front of her. Scully laid back on the bed, up on her elbows, watching with her piercing blue eyes. Mulder dropped his phone onto the bed next to hers. He then took off her overcoat and threw it next to her. A puff of air flew past her as it landed, causing several stray red hairs to cover her right eye. And then he slowly reached for his tie.

He undid the knot and with one hand slowly pulled it off his neck and dropped it casually on the floor beside him. Scully watched the tie seemingly float down to the ground and then she flicked her eyes back up, but not all the way up. Her gaze stopped on the bulge in his pants. She waited seven years for this. She'd probably wait another seven for what treasures lay behind those pants. And then something occurred to her.

"Mulder?" He had started to undo the buttons of his starched white shirt. His eyes had narrowed as he looked at her. One eyebrow came up in question. "You never asked me what I thought the difference between want and need was."

Mulder undid his belt and pulled it out of its loops. It now lay next to the tie on the floor. "What's your theory on it, Scully?"

One lazy finger went into her mouth for a moment and she sucked on it. Mulder paused, realizing just which finger it was. His expression turned greedy. "I've always needed you Mulder. But not as much as I wanted you, preferably in me." She smiled. "Mulder." She gave her finger a final lick and then pointed it at Mulder and with a slight curl, she beckoned him.

He was already there.

The End.