Meara Na' Rua

arthritis in my hands and hip was pretty bad today and I couldn't do much around t he house or yard like I wanted to I sat down to play with poser a bit...this is what happened...

the only postwork done was a little bit of hair painting on the near side of her was kind of chopped off looking around her scalp, and the signature and border

v4.2 base from Daz
Kay body mat by dmr from Daz
Muchy Fairy eyes and face ( tweaked a bit here and there )
from CB @ RMP
Fairylicious earrings, necklace and top from Thorne & Sarsa @ Daz
Yann hair from Neftis ( I think )
lights are from DM I think...night fever maybe (something like that anyways)

poser & photoshop cs2

ROzbeans 15 years ago
I see it but not really. The monitor I'm using is about 10 years old and it's super super dark. I think it's only see like 4 out of the 100+ colors too lol. I will c/c it when I return to thy abode on Monday!