Christmas 2008 phat lewt thread

What did you get?!!?!

Kelefane 15 years ago
Clothes clothes and more clothes =P

And a new electric shaver.

Oh and a roll of Copenhagen!
Laschae 15 years ago
I got awesome smiles Best present ever!

Nianya 15 years ago
Not a thing =\
Den 15 years ago
I got all kinds of neat things.

My friend, who bought her husband a new digital camera, and a bunch of other neat things, got a digital level from him. That was it...that was all. He works in construction, and hangs anything around the house that needs hanging...and he got her a digital level. She was not happy.
(Crazy thing is he is usually awesome with gifts...having given her diamond rings, and earrings, and perfumes, etc. No clue what got into him this Christmas.)
Vishanti 15 years ago
I haven't opened my presents yet. They've been sitting behind me for the last few days. Not really big on getting stuff, a feeling made stronger by the fact that I didn't give anyone anything this year. Unemployment ftw!

Someone did call me last week with a job offer which pays comparatively more than the job I lost in January, but I can't commit to anything till I graduate and I've got something in the works for then. Boom de ah dah?
Darsa 15 years ago
I got a digital photo keychain I think my husband was tired of me using the ink we can't afford on printing pics LOL I still have to DL the software and try it out. My daughter got a camera that's ten times as good as mine; I'm totally jealous, and I'm the one who gave it to her!

Jetamio 15 years ago
I got loads of clothes and stuff from my roomies family, but best of all I met a guy...who likes me....and wants to meet me the minute I get back to town lol.
ROzbeans 15 years ago
Sim2 expansions - mansions and the IKEA furniture one.
PJ bottoms - big comfy things I can lounge in.
Xfiles movie
Halloween, Rob Zombie's unrated version and Shutter (b-movie horror flick)
And Santa brought me 3 tabloid mags in my stocking.
Lillaanya 15 years ago
Jammie bottoms ftw! My xmas would not be complete without them

I also got a set of new RED dishes and a new pancake griddle (cooking stuff is ok with me, cleaning is not, however, for gifts)
new undies (i think it was a hint :P )
Twillight, which I have already finished reading
Lunna 15 years ago
I didn't get anything. We didn't get any time to do shopping at all this year. Joe says we're putting christmas off until the new year.... yeah right! However, Joe's birthday is in Nov. and he'd been talking about how he'd like a puppy for just about as long as I've known him SO... he got a puppy for his birthday/christmas. Here is Dante the doberman puppy!

These were taken the weekend we brought him home.

Playing with the bog dog --¤t=1122081105.flv

A couple of weeks later after Joe's accident. This is Dante's idea of keeping Joe company. He (the puppy) was really gassy that day. I guess his food wasn't agreeing with him. hehehe.

Last week -- he'd turned the bowl I fed him in over and was scooting it around on the floor with his nose and barking. Turn the volume down the sound was really loud from my phone¤t=VID_00008.flv

We fell in love with his floppy ears and will NOT be getting them pinned.
Jetamio 15 years ago
My mum sent me money, I'm trying to convince my roomies to let me have a dog lol...or a snake
Addi 15 years ago
Lets see, Joey and I didnt really buy for eachother, Christmas is all about the kid now. But he did get me the Ed Hardy shirt I wanted. Got clothes from my parents and guitar hero world tour whole set thingy and some other little stuff like fuzzy socks I cant take off. My in laws got me lots of gift cards for Macy's and food places and even though it was under horrible circumstances (my second nephew in less than a month died (dec 1st my 13 yr old died and dec 24th my 23 yr old nephew died) I got to go to Florida for the funeral and visit my brother and sis in law and other 2 nephews with my mom, sister, brother, sis in law and nephew)