Register/Login Problems?

Sorry for those who have login problems. I can’t replicate the problem and no one I’ve asked to try has had problems registering or logging in with Firefox 3.0.6

Sounds like you have some kind of busted program or firewall problem. If you’re having problems and want to email me and I can try to help you out ( I will even register an account for you ) but if you’re going to be rude, please drive through.

ROzbeans 14 years ago
You should post what that person wrote you. All that ridiculously rude shit.
Darsa 14 years ago
Ugh, there is NO need for rudeness; I wouldn't even bother helping unless an apology is tendered.
Vex 14 years ago
oh he gave me the finger BEEP BEEP driving through BEEP BEEP

i said, 'good riddens'