I'm doing a new series, and it's done now, but refuses to give me a name! Basically it's a set of backgrounds/frames/styles for use in promo renders, but could easily be used by anyone for portraits as well. Putting the lil animations I've done with all 10 sets below so you can see what I've got. They are a little bit grainy because of being shrunk to half size and I had to up the lossy on the gifs to keep them from being any bigger file size than they already ended up LoL Anyone have any ideas? All my products start with DbE: and go from there. I'll likely do some more of these if they go over well enough, so I need something like my Finishing Touch I can add a number to later


tamaelia 14 years ago
I thesaurus'd 'background' and came up with Milieu which sounds kinda spiffy and posh.

Or maybe on the notion of being backdrops designed to enhance a product, call them Inspire or Entice.

Hmmm, not sure if I am on the right track for you.
Den 14 years ago
Those are gorgeous Eve. I could see using those for scrapbook papers too. Very cool.
Jetamio 14 years ago
DbE:Shine or Shinies

Cos some of them are shiny, and all of them will make your work Shine!
Eve 14 years ago
Thanks for the help gang Think I'm gonna go where Tamtam pointed me, and call them Inspirations
Temprah 14 years ago
*oooooohs over the pretties* So now that you have a name, what kinda ETA for us getting our hands on these lovelies?
Eve 14 years ago
I'm thinking bout adding a lil bit to them, like divider bars. Other than that I really only need to do promos... which you'd think would be easy for these LoL So far I'm not sure how I wanna wrap them up, but hopefully I can get it all sorted out by the end of the month at the latest
Kethaera 14 years ago
Wow, those are fantastic! Those are definitely going on the wishlist (and hopefully the cart!) as soon as they come out, as I'm gonna need some help with promos when I finally get my products finished!