Deviant Art question

This may not be the right place to for this post, dunno, BUT...

Has anyone here ever purchased a T-shirt, print or other product from that site? If so was it a good experiance? Did you recieve your purchase in a timely manner?

I made a purchase on May 1st and still havn't recieved it despite having paid for 2 day shipping. AND I've emailed the merch dept. for help with no reply and I'm currently waiting on the help desk to reply to me. They sure didn't mind taking my almost 100.00 promptly

ROzbeans 15 years ago
I bought a print and got it in a pretty timely manner. That's it though.
tamaelia 15 years ago
I have bought prints and given I am on a different continent, thought the shipping was timely and well packed. Hope nothing bad has happened to your stuff
Lunna 15 years ago
me too.

I bought a new laptop bag from them for 88 bucks and some change on May 1. On May 4 it said the package was shipped and I paid for 2 day shipping. The FedEx tracking was never updated (still isnt updated). So I got to digging around on Deviant Art to see if I could get some help. Wow.. can't call anyone. You can only email. So I called FedEx today. They said whoever is shipping printed labels on the 4th and never sent anything.

I'm sort of annoyed. I'd feel better if the communication from Deviant Art were better. If they would just say "Hey we screwed up." or "Hey, sorry we're out of stock right now." I'd atleast know I didn't just flush money down the toilet. But right now I'm concidering calling my CC company and filing a claim to have th charges reversed.