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Well, Yes. Along with my passion for digital art, Im a writer. Here is a small clip of a book im working on, entitled "Terros"

“The wind blows from the south tonight,” the tracker whispered throatily, shivering as he made the sign of Akmos to ward away evil. “’Tis not but evil that comes from those lands.”

An elder man, perhaps in his late forties, glowered at his partner. “Keep those foolish superstitions to yourself,” he snapped. “All we need fear is the direnwulfe that’s been stalking us for the last hour.”

“What? Where?” the young man demanded in a suddenly shrill voice, glancing around nervously as he shifted closer to the campfire.

“Idiot!” the hunter hissed, cuffing him upside the head. “You squeal louder than my son’s pigs. And you call yourself the greatest tracker in the west.” He shook his head with disgust and reached for his wine tankard. “She’s upwind of us, but I don’t doubt she can hear our voices. Methinks she intends to toy with us before making a move.”

“Can we hold it off?”

“Her,” the senior corrected. “It’s a ‘her’. Can you not smell her breeding musk? She is in heat, like all the females are, and she is restless. To answer your question, no we cannot.”

“Then what are we doing here, waiting for her to snatch us in our sleep?” his companion demanded, blanching dramatically. “I will not lie down and be turned into bloody dog meat!”

“Have a care, Haleth,” the older man said sharply. “It would be wise to show more respect for the wolf. Their Mother is a mighty creature with more pride than you can imagine. I do not advise you to throw your words about so ruthlessly lest She hears you and takes offence.”

“Are you truly not afraid of being attacked, Serikh?” Haleth questioned, his eyes traveling once more to the tall line of trees surrounding them.

“Aye, I’m afraid,” Serikh replied with a shrug, taking another sip from his tankard. “But as long as we’re near the flames, we should be safe. The direnwulfe won’t draw too close if she sees fire. And the wine helps some.”

His words did little to appease Haleth. “Strange that such a great big animal should fear something like fire,” he grunted disbelievingly.

“In doing so, she shows more wisdom than you and I,” the seasoned hunter said with a knowing look. “We have lost our fear of it and grown over confident. One day we will not be in control, and rue the day we felt we had mastered the flame. The wild ones are not so blind as we are.”

Haleth snorted at the hunter’s philosophy. “Keep talking, old man, and you just might bore the beast away!”

Serikh regarded him, but said nothing, and the two men fell into an uneasy quiet. Somewhere nearby, a massive wolf raised her jaws and howled to the moonless sky.


Korpus 19 years ago
*cough cough*
ROzbeans 19 years ago
Sorry I didnt get a chance to comment on this, but its very well written! Did you finish this story? I'd like to read the rest of it.