A Few Good Things

Hello again! It's been far too long since my computer committed suicide, and I finally have a laptop that actually works. That is a good thing.

Another good thing is that the hag who used to live in the apartment upstairs from me moved out, and the new neighbors are very easy to get along with. The two kids living there are about the same age as my two youngest (the only two still under 18 and living at home), so my kids almost never beg for rides all over town to hang with friends now. That is a very good thing.

But the coolest thing to happen recently is that my 17 year old daughter won a local radio contest, and since she is a minor, the prize is for her and A PARENT (translation: Mom). We get a free round trip to Miami Beach and VIP passes to see Katy Perry in concert and to attend her private pool party. We also get to stay a few nights in an amazing hotel. Considering that I have not had any kind of vacation since my 22 year old daughter was a newborn, this is a delightful thing! It's going to be difficult to find the cash to pay for the trip to the Minneapolis airport, and I imagine I am going to have to pay more taxes than I would like to think about, but that is a different matter entirely, and I refuse to let myself focus on negatives, considering how thrilled Amanda and I are about our upcoming trip.

I was going to say that I never win anything, but I remembered that I also won something that same day we found out about the prize from WBIZ (better known as Z100). I won a giant sized Sugar Daddy, in a drawing at the gas station a few blocks from here, LOL. I don't even know what happened to it after I brought it home, though. My kids were fighting over who should have it, and the one thing they agreed on is that I am not even in the running. That works for me, though; it looks like it would take months to eat the thing!

Anyway, hi to you, Roz and everyone I know around here. Hi to those I do not know also!

ROzbeans 15 years ago
Hey Zaura!!! Grats on the Katy Perry contest win! Take pictures!!! I'm drooling over that Sugar Daddy prize, although my crowns would have been screaming in pain lol
Jetamio 15 years ago
Omg Katy Perry! I'm so jealous :P Hi and have fun at it