Spyritmoon, EQ1 cleric

I've done really pretty much *NOTHING* art-like in a long time; between RL, the weather getting better, dance lessons/recitals, etc etc etc... I've just not had the time and inclination to sit in front of the computer and pull my hair out over Poser

However!! The other night I was (forced into) grouping on EQ, and there was the SWEETEST lady who was our cleric. She is a wonderful person and great to talk to, and we had lots of fun; something I don't often have with grouping in EQ. I decided to clear the cobwebs and try something in Poser for her. I did a desktop pic, and when she told me she loved it, that stoked me enough to actually do a sig too!

So hopefully this bit of ego-stroking will get my Muse to haul her fat ass back here and help me out some...

and the sig:

Thanks fer peeking No C/C is needed but is welcome for future things. Oh, and I know the lighting is kinda off, but I lurve Vex's lights and wanted to use 'em dammit!

ROzbeans 15 years ago
Aww, that came out awesome! What a nice gift!
Lillyanna-Windmane 15 years ago
Oh how lovely! I can't imagine NOT liking that as a gift!
Shaelynn 15 years ago
wow, Darsa, that turned out great!! I especially love the sig and the font!
Sabby 15 years ago
Super cute!! I love her sig especially!