(NSFW images) Ivory Moon for V4 - Jewels included -WIP/FINISHED NOW - Opinions plz

Hi all,
This is my latest character for V4. I haven't done a character in a long while and I've started getting involved with shaders with the help of my friend Robyn.....
This character is the second in a seriese..... She'll have a wide variation of eyes (which have been kindly donated by adam001 from a pic of his own eye, which ive postworked). She'll also have a wide variety of makeups. The jewels she's wearing are also included are have been modelled by fairyfantastic.....
Here she is:


Sooo whatcha think?

tamaelia 14 years ago
I think she looks wonderful. I love the body morph and am incredibly envious of her butt! I would buy and use this character. I like the range of makeup/eyecolours and while I probably wouldn't use the jewels, you never know! I think its great to include them as sometimes you just "need" that item and remember it came with a character somewhere LOL
LillianaSapphire 14 years ago
Hi Tamelia,

Thank you so, so , so much for your real nice review of her. I'm proud of this character, I really am. Alot of work went into her and it's a nice change away from hair texturing to get back into character creation again...

She'll be part of a seriese of about 8 characters. I'm on Number 3 at the moment.
They are all going to revolve around the moon, sun, and stars....
I have already released the first character, this one is waiting at Rendo to go into pending... You can see the first already released here:

Kels 14 years ago
will she be useable in DS? I saw the mention of shaders :-) I love developers who go the extra step to make the DS mats :-) The eyes are lovely though. And so is her skin
LillianaSapphire 14 years ago
i know nothing about ds i'm afraid. I did try and learn it, but the interface freaked me out totally..

I have a friend helping me convert them though.
Darsa 14 years ago
I really like her eyes and nose shape, and LOVE her skin! One thing I did notice from those promos, her lips look completely different in one than in all of the others... and Lawd help me but I like the one much better than all the others The pic with the green lipstick makes her lips look much fuller, the bottom lip in particular; the others make her look more like she's biting her lower lip... if that makes any sense at all
LillianaSapphire 14 years ago

If you read the first promo, and the captions underneath each render, it'll tell ya this pack comes with two different head morphs. I couldn't decide which i liked best at the time, so did a survey and some ppl liked one and some ppl liked the other.... So to please all shes available with both morphs....

Really glad you like her. She should be released on Rendo any day now.

Darsa 14 years ago
Oh yes, I did totally miss that! Heh heh, my bad!
LillianaSapphire 14 years ago
hehe no problemo hun....
Adiene 14 years ago
awesome body morphs very well done hun. love all the options to! Best wishes ~!
LillianaSapphire 14 years ago
Thank you hun. She's in pending at rendo waiting for release.
LillianaSapphire 14 years ago
yay shes been released!!!!

only eight bucks!!!