How'd I miss this one?

Former Phillipine President Corazon Aquino died on the 1st after being diagnosed with cancer earlier this year. There's been a newspaper in the living room with her face on it, but I never bothered looking at the caption. I don't watch TV, so I didn't hear anything on the news.

I wouldn't say I "knew" her, but we're related by marriage and met back in the 90's. We had lunch during one of my visits, but I was a bit overwhelmed and highly uncomfortable at the time. Her husband was a distant relative of ours, but was extremely close to my dad's family. I guess I always figured I'd have the chance to talk to her about things later. There goes that idea.

Of all the political families to have any connections with, I'd have to say I'm glad it was the Aquinos. So many of the other high profile politicians are so fucking corrupt, and in much scarier ways than corrupt American politicians. The fact that she was such a vocal opponent of the current president shows some fucking balls.

ROzbeans 14 years ago
Why am I not surprised you know the former president of the Philippines?
Vishanti 14 years ago
I don't know her, though. She married a distant relative of mine who was later assassinated. She took his place. Years later, we met. We had lunch. I was completely intimidated by the people in the room with me, so I didn't even ask her any questions. I was the only non-native in the room, and English was not being used. My dad literally walked me into the school where she was donating a computer lab, spoke to the guards, and got us into the private meeting room. He still refuses to explain why people let him do shit like that.

I would've loved to have gotten to know her, because everything I've heard makes her out to be such an inspiring person.