Insolent Sun is a versatile beauty for V4.

Insolent Sun is a versatile beauty for V4.

She sports a stunning selection of makeups & beautiful shader enhanced skin, lips & eyes.

Her smooth, flawless face and eyes have been sculpted to give that look of beauty and softness.

The skin shader uses the best in poser gamma correction technology to give that extra hint of realism & healthy skin glow.

Included in this package is:


When using this character, you must use V4.2 and manually enable her eyebrows. You can do this by clicking her eyebrows and in the parameter dial properties by clicking "visable" to enable them.

Once you have done that, you can apply the base texture for the character. No eyebrows will load in. This is intensional and you must then choose which brow option you want from the choice available.

Please note that you must choose your brow option first before applying the colour, as if you do not, and do it in reverse the brows will load back in black.

You must render using gamma correction enabled to get the results seen in the promos

The necklace part of the jewels has been modelled with the V4.2 Base body in mind. When injecting the morphs for this character some pokethrough will occur, so some subtle alteration will be needed on the users' part.

Here is the last promo. It's all nudity, so please don't click unless you really want to see her body morph.

Thank you and enjoy!