I cooked a thing!

The whole 'wee, I can burn water' thing has gotten a little old, so lately I've been cooking a lot more and trying to refine my technique. Unfortunately, this has resulted in a much higher food bill, so I decided to try to figure out some budget cuts while continuing to cook tasty things.

Chicken and Corn fried rice with lemon spinach seemed like a tasty thing, if not the healthiest thing in the world. I made mine with half corn and half peas, and I used one of the chicken breasts I got on sale for 99 cents a pound (a big breast,over a pound I guess, cut into very small cubes). I took the blogger's advice and halfed the recipe, and I ended up with four hearty servings. I think the only thing I had to buy special was the onion - everything else was on hand - so I'm not sure about how much it cost, but I guess it probably figured to about what they claim.

I wasn't too sure about the egg. I mean, I've scrambled eggs before, but I wasn't entirely sure what would happen when I dropped the egg into a pan with that much hot oil. It didn't say whether to beat the egg before putting it in the pan, but I thought it would cook too fast to scramble up once it landed in the oil, so I just sort of broke the yolk and swirled the egg around a little before dumping it in. Then quickly scrambled things up once it was in the oil. That seemed to work out pretty well. Everything else went just fine.

I felt that the recipe could have used more onion, and not minced onion but chopped onion, but onions are pretty cheap. I keep thinking of fancy stuff to add and then remember that this is supposed to be a money saving meal. But I guess if you've got extra veggies laying around, lots of different stuff would work. And the spinach is great, I always end up with too much since the turtle started going on hunger strikes whenever I try to pass some off on him. He better watch it, these budget cuts and my newfound desire to attempt to cook things could go badly for him.

ROzbeans 14 years ago
Oh that sounds yummy!