Heavenly Mausoleum: For the Poser Mausoleum

ForbiddenWhispers Presents:

Heavenly Mausoleum: For the Poser Mausoleum
Heavenly for the mausoleum is a beautiful set for the poser mausoleum and tomb.
In this set you get:
+ 3 cameras
+ 4 metal choices
+ 4 stonework options (for both mauso and tomb/lid)
+ 6 wall texture options
+ 6 tomb side textures and lid textures
All this product’s options comes with different matfiles so you can mix/match all options.The stonework of this product shines with a beautifulglitter and realism of sandwork. A beautiful add-on for an already beautiful figure.
To use this product you need to mausoleum at this link available from Synful Mindz.

To get this product you can go here: http://www.synfulmindz.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=278
To use this product you will need to mausoleum itself, which is here: