H'ween Jewels for V4.2

ForbiddenWhispers and FairyFantastic Presents....

H'ween Jewels for V4.2.

Included in this pack:

One Beaded necklace prop

Which is accompanied by:

- 1 eyeball pendant
- 1 spider pendant
- 1 bat pendant
- 1 pumpkin pendant
- 1 cat pendant
- 1 witches hat
- 1 bones pendant
- 1 skull & crossbones pendant
- 1 funky skull pendant

Included are matching
earrings for all pendants

That’s 28 props included!

There are also a wide range of mat files for each prop.You will find that the mat files for the earrings will also work on the pendant props.

These have been created for poser 8+ but only include simple reflectmats, so will work in other poser versions and Das studio. But render appearence may vary.

Coming soon to Renderosity, and PoserAddicts2.com, as well as Digital Down under and DDU.


Temprah 14 years ago
oh those pumpkins and cats are so cute!
Darsa 14 years ago
I like the bones!
LillianaSapphire 14 years ago
Thanks. I'm soooo glad you like them.... They're a nice bargain price of $5.50 too!

They'll be released on rendo in the next few days. They just got the OK from Renderosity....
LillianaSapphire 14 years ago

Intro sale of 10% off!