Aurora for V4.2

Aurora is a versatile beauty for V4.2.

She sports a stunning selection of makeups & beautiful shader enhanced skin, lips & eyes.

Her smooth, flawless face and eyes have been sculpted to give that look of beauty and softness, with a face morph beautifully crafted in zbrush.

The skin shader uses the best in shader technology to give that extra hint of realism & healthy skin glow.

Included is:

6 eyelash colours
10 eye options
1 base body/head mat
18 main makeups
1 head rem/inj
1 body inj

Also included is a set of autumn jewelery.

These include:

1 sets of autumn leaf earrings
1 tiara
1 autumn leaf necklace
1 set of wings

Included are 6 autumn shaders for use with the jewels. You can mix/match for unlimited possibilities.

The other two promos contain nudity, so i'll only pop links here. Look at your own discretion.

She'll be available this saturday at Poser Addicts 2.

Anna, Paula and Erin