Inspiration, 5/1/04 - A Poem

Inspiration doesn't frequent me,
Rarely lodges upon my mind
Inspiration is avoiding me,
Without creation myself I do find.

I sit at my terminal, plugging, it's true
With no speck of muse,
without inspiration,
Creating is difficult to do.

The verges of unique stress at my brain
To toil upon the keys my hands move in vain
My fingers fly across mouse and drawing pad
I can't create a whit, I'm frustrated and sad.

The hum of the computers washes out the thought
Of knowing what I should be doing,
Building and creating I ought
Inide my brain is frozen, and inspiration is fleeting.

I see the beauty posted by family and friends
And wonder how their creativity could end
But once in a while, as it seems I've found
All of the ideas come crashing to the ground.

My brain is stuck in neutral
My heart is frozen in place
I need to do something special
To reenergize my creative space.

One day soon I hope it to flow
Many new creative works I hope to show
Uncreative me doesn't feel like me at all
I hope I can climb out of this creative stall.