Starting in 3D

After having F'd around with screenshots, photographs and pixels I would like to give 3-d a try. Any suggestions on the best way to start? In confession, I downloaded Daz and a bunch of freebie crap and tried to learn it with all the freebie crap too and it was a cluster. It was disorganized and did not work very well haha.

Where should a newb begin?

ROzbeans 14 years ago
First off, do it legal.

There are so many free things out there that you don't really need to purchase a whole lot until you've decided you want to really get knee deep in 3D. The base models are free but the morphs do cost, but starting off you need to focus on more than just what her face looks like anyway.

Secondly, Daz is the way to go.

It's an easier program to learn than Poser and it's free. Daz has a bajillion tutorials in their forums (as well as more freebies) that'll help starting off.

The confusion with organizing your stuffs is a huge problem everyone faces. If you start off organized, it's easier to navigate through the ton of crap you get. Word to the wise, don't install anything until you need it. Makes it easier to find.

Vex wrote a introduction to 3D that's helpful, too. You can find it there. But really, 3D is total hands on, so be specific with what program you're using, what products, and the problems you're encountering and anyone here will definitely help.

Lillyanna-Windmane 14 years ago
I was going to suggest that training book that came with all of the morphs for dirt cheap, but they must have removed it.

In any case, good luck getting started! I'm still learning, but having so much fun doing it!
Aniyah 14 years ago
Just to clarify... I did do it legally. I started with the DaZ download of the package which was free. Then I ended up with a disc that came as one of my art magazines as an introduction to the world of 3-D... it included some different clothing, hair and morphs for one of the figures but I can't remember which one. It also included a lot of stuff for Victoria. I purchased a few things (I have an account and Renderosity and DaZ) but I never was quite clear WTF I was doing. Everything was definitely legal -- I just didn't know where the heck up was and made a lovely mess because it seemed like the versions I had were not matching up.

Thank you for the suggestions. I'm really wanting to try it again but this time I am thinking slow and steady is the game.
ROzbeans 14 years ago
I wasn't implying anything bad, but pirating is a huge thing that can bite you on the buttocks. Anyhow...

Post some of what you have or if you're having problems rendering, post what you've done so far and we can help.
Jetamio 14 years ago
Theres an illegal way? LOL
Aniyah 14 years ago
I know Roz... just for the people here who don't know me lol! :P

In any event, I uninstalled everything and am now getting the bug again. I'll start fresh and post!
ROzbeans 14 years ago
Cool! Looking forward to seeing yer stuffz, Ani!
Kels 14 years ago
One thing I regret doing was not saving my readme files. They include a lot of helpful tips and more importantly where to find things. Some content creators name things oddly. I'm ever thankful to ones like rena, freja, etc that have consistant naming conventions.