how to fix...

So I'm working with a new corset tonight, and run into the dreaded 'can't find file go find for me' error that occassionally crops up. At first I think it's a remnant on my recent hard drive implosion, but it isn't after tracking down where on my externals the backup is.

It turns out the cr2 file that you click in Studio isn't referencing the right thing. I'm not sure why as the paths look right but with a quick look through my pose folder it appears that everyone else is using pz2s.

I don't really understand what the difference between them are, but I think I read somewhere that I can just edit them as a text file to get it functional? The thing that doesn't look right in the cr2 is that instead of / to seperate the directories, it uses a ; instead.

I manually went and found the file three times for studio, but is there any way to fix this for me?


Kels the lost.