For the Love of Steampunk Art Exchange (Please READ!)

Morbourne. Magic merged with mechanics. Noble elves who lived and worked alongside the mechanically inclined humans. A seaside city powered as much by elemental magic as it was by the gears of the machines. Where air ships flew overhead and rusted robots imbued with magic clanked down the sidewalks. A city that never seemed to sleep. Who could have possibly slept when there was so much adventure to be had? And where did the people go when they did not want to sleep? The Rusty Cog of course!

With Renee Tucker and Jadyn Roberts trying to keep the peace, and Osbert "Oz" Taylor minding the bar, the Cog was always bustling with activity. Scarlet Flynn and Lucy Cogboggle hustled to and fro, serving up patrons from one end of the tavern to the other and back again. Self-proclaimed "Lord" Melvin Baxter, quite the dandy, owned and managed the establishment himself. With the tavern below and the inn above, those who had too much to drink were always welcome to rent a room upstairs, for a price of course. The potency of Midnight Oil, the popular ale brewed just for the Cog, assured the rooms were almost always full. Drunken brawls between all walks of life were no strange sight and guaranteed that Constable Garrett Sawyer rarely went back to the Morbourne jail alone. Such was life at The Rusty Cog.

Come have a drink at the Cog, and share your tale with us, as Eve and Lessa unveil the Spring 2010 TAC Art Exchange,

For the Love of Steampunk

Please refer to the FAQ for how these events work. If your question is not answered there, drop us a note. The SIGN UP will be open from January 8th-22nd, assignments will be handed out by the 23rd, and the TURN IN thread will be opened on March 6th. Please do not share your piece before that time!

Lessa and I have compiled a list of Inspirations and Resources relating to the Steampunk genre. Don't know what Steampunk means? No idea what kinda outfit to create? Need help coming up with a name or even a profession for your character? Just check HERE to get started!

ROzbeans 13 years ago

Tomorrow is your last day to sign up or fill out your placeholders for the Steampunk event on The Angry Crayon. Eve and Lessa will be closing the sign up thread January 22nd evening EST time, so please make sure all your information is filled out, otherwise you will be left out of the event.

Please remember, signing up commits you to turn in at least a desktop sized portrait of the person you are given privately via private message. Turn in is March 6th - that is 6 weeks to complete 1 piece of desktop sized art. Remember to save your artwork often, not wait until the last minute to start or make arrangements to turn in early if you are not available March 6th - so we can prevent mishaps come turn day. Feel free to email Eve or Lessa a link (or file) early and they can turn in for you. Do not show your artwork publicly until the turn in day.

But more importantly - have fun. This is a traditional secret trade and we're all looking forward to seeing your steampunk artwork!

See you March 6th!