Do I count as new people?

Just checking if I need to re-introduce myself for full forum access. Some of you may remember me as Buphie Huphiepuphie from Sol Ro. I write, but nowhere near enough. Most of my artistic talent is used to make jewelry.

Kelefane 14 years ago
Holy shit - I remember you lol. I used to group with you, Sinnat, Stron and a few others from your old EQ guild back in the day. Remember when we cleared PoGrowth?

Mystic Crusaders represent!
ROzbeans 14 years ago
Buphie! Holy cow! I saw your post in the open chat and then the board went down =x Welcome back!
Verileah 14 years ago
You should post pics of your jewelry!
Aziyade 14 years ago
I remember you too, Kelefane! Blitzel finally lives here instead of Germany. We also moved to Northern California. Mystic Crusaders is still alive and well in EQ2!

Thanks Roz! It's good to be back.

I'll do that this weekend, Verileah, just for you.
Kelefane 14 years ago
ahh cool, you two guys are still hooked up huh? I forgot that gnomes name