Solomon Kane

Starring the guy opposite Mila Jovovich in Resident Evil and failed 2009 NBC tv series 'The Philanthropist'.

Looks good, but then I'm always good for some evil guy killing.

Onimi 14 years ago
i would see it!
Eve 14 years ago
Oooh I'd forgotten about this one! He's a yummy guy anyway. Played the Prince in Knight's Tale and Marc Anthony on Rome too. There was a horribly b movie he did too called George and the Dragon, which tho a bit cheesy was a decent enough movie the kid and I got a few laughs from it. This one looks wicked tho. Thought it had something to do with him escorting a witch to her death or something, but that may be another one I'm confusing it with since I've only seen a trailer for it once before.
Adiene 14 years ago
looks good tho i want to see it. Effects alone look good hehe