Simon and Ellis

Ellis took one more step back as Simon took one forward, closer to Tai. It occurred to her, just then, her position within the head-to-head. Ellis had taken her place not in front of Simon, but behind him, letting her watery, green eyes narrow just above Simon’s right shoulder. She had just unconsciously reinforced Simon’s authority. Ellis had acted immediately on his command – without even a thought – and then stood not by him, but behind him.

Simon’s part of their aura burned with fury, maybe that was part of the reason why her reaction to his command was so swift, but as the confused realization of her action filtered into their aura, his raging anger settled into a deep calm. He knew he could rely on her, that much she deduced, but Ellis could not help but gulp at her sudden role reversal.

Simon searched within his aura with Ellis and felt her confusion with her actions. It had to feel...unnatural...that seemed the best term for their role reversal. But her actions reinforced his leadership and it filtered the angry emotion out of their aura instantly. The power was unbelievable and part of him could see how Ellis craved it. Odd she seemed resigned to her position now. Apparently she was since there were no snide comments or competition with authority. She was there, for him, and acted in his name.

It was exhilarating.

(Simon and Ellis intellectual property of R. Hartmann)

Angel v4 texture and hair - Daz3D
Veira morph -
Preppy hair - Daz3D
M4 Jagger - Daz3D
Rings - Pretty3D
Hoop earrings, PCJewels - RMP
Background - bogwoppet

Eve 13 years ago
Really do love the lighting on this hon, makes their skin have an almost ethereal glow
ROzbeans 13 years ago
I used that virtual photographer filter - super cool thingy you showed me like a million years ago, I think.
Den 13 years ago
I still don't trust that woman!
Very cool pic, ROz.
KaAnna 13 years ago
Very creepy, and very excellent! Love the rings and lighting!
Eve 13 years ago
Virtual Photographer pwns all other filters when it comes to stuff like that