FW Designs New WIP ----- look if you dare!!

FW Designs *forbiddenwhispers and miko0* present something new and beautiful............

It's a project with no name at the moment, but it's a fantasy set, which'll include:

Prop as you see it, with textures and other modications (which will load as two buildings into one)
Poses for V4/M4
Additional top secret props

We'll add any additional wip shots, and progress as we progres.....

Any comments? Suggestions?

Anna & Michael

Here's some more shots.... these are shots of the second building we'll be including........ In the middle we're planning on putting some sort of fountain......

Here's a look at it in poser...... No textures yet.... But building no'2 is poser ready

Any opinions, comments are welcomed....

Anna & Michael

Temprah 13 years ago
This looks really promising! I love the potential for the play of lights and shadows with all the columns and steps. Will this be DS friendly as well?
LillianaSapphire 13 years ago
Will this be DS friendly as well?


It wont use shaders, so will only use normal displacement/bumps. So yes, should work right outta the box.