FtLoS- You're soooo STEAMY! aka you rock, thanks, and what have you

Post your thanks and stuffs here! I just wanna say thank you to everyone who has participated in this event. We had a HUGE turn out! Some of you got in the spirit doing all kinda teaser pics before assignments were even sent out. I love seeing that! So from both Lessa and myself, thank you all so much

Kethaera 14 years ago
The crystal ball is just too cool for words So how do you make the props? Zbrush?

Hexagon, actually. I picked it up for super cheap in a DAZ sale, and I've been pleasantly surprised by it. Although I'd LOVE to get ZBrush one of these days for finer details. **Sigh** it's on my list along with all the other super expensive software I want, like Photoshop. :P
i-inspire 14 years ago
//squeeeaal// Thank you Jetamio! I love her clothes, especially the textures.
Sabby 14 years ago
YAY, Thanks, Rach! <3 <3 I love it. You rock~ I really love the text effects you did in it too!
Kels 14 years ago
Roz she is fantastic. I love the poster and the sig is gorgeous. Thank you. I'd been wishing for a piece of art by you for a while *hughug*
Verileah 14 years ago
Thank you Wystro! You captured Theodosia perfectly, from her newsboy cap and toothy smile to her jackboots . And her bicycle is so imaginative and steampunky! And the food looks good enough to eat! (especially the mango nom nom nom). I love how you captured her story in every detail.

Thank you!!!
Lunna 14 years ago
Sabreyn! Thank you so much for my pieces! I always love looking at your work and I'm beyond tickled to recieve your gifts! /bouce!

Tori B 14 years ago
Kels, I love what you did with Victoria. She's absolutely stunning and the garden is amazing.

Thank you so so much!

Adiene 14 years ago
Thanks Tam for the pretty portrait! <3 .. I know how it is with the externals/kids etc Dont sweat it hun I have the protrait on my desktop now heheh *big hugglers!!
jules 14 years ago
Thank you so much Quirrah for all those gorgeous images. You really worked hard on this. I can tell you had so much fun with it to. It shows. I appreciate it! I love them all, hard to choose which one to use! Hugz Jules Avatar by Quirrah!
Jazzine 14 years ago
thank you soooooooo much templarlover - I already have it on my desktop lol. She very much has the "rich widow" look great job, thanks again
LacyAnn 14 years ago
i-inspire you did a wonderful job. i just adore it! im using the journal desktop right now. my hubby enjoyed checking it out too. im so happy you got my piece and i hope your first trade was fab! I hope you do more with us here at TAC! HUGS!
Lillyanna-Windmane 14 years ago
Thank you so much Snowdragon! Everything is perfect!!

Karaliina 14 years ago
Adiene!! OMG! My jaw hit the floor! I'm sooo happy right now I could....well...mess myself! haha! Seriously hon, this is absolutely what I had envisioned! I can't believe how well you pulled it off, it's sooo beautiful! And OMG you even got the little hairdressing scissors in there! LOL sooo awesome! Thank you, thank you thank you! And just in case you didn't hear me...THANK YOU! *hugs*!!!

P.S. Okay it's been awhile since i've attached a sig file to my posts but for some reason it won't work. I got the avatar to work. Maybe a forum modifier can help me out here? lol
quiarrah 14 years ago
Jules I especialy love the one with the glasses! She is soooo ME! I love all of them. .but she is the best. . . I will most likely start using them tomorrow. .. . .Thank you ..This was so much fun!
DarkStorm 14 years ago

Wow that is absolutely awesome. You captured the real steampunk in My altered persona pewrfectly...He looks like part side show barker, part snake oil salesman, and full time ladies man. I am so very happy at the work you did for this and proud you gotted chosen to reflect My description in image form. Thank you so much.... :tight hug:

To all of you in this wonderful gathering of artists. Once again I see the true spirit of the group pull together as one and it never ceases to amaze Me the works that come out of this place during the challenges. I am humbled by every single one of you. Its an honor to be part of The Angry Crayon. *Bows in deep respect to all*

Thank you Eve and Lessa for all the incredible work you put into promoting this and managing the Spring TAC exchange 2010 *looks at that date and still feels shocked at the sci fi look of 2010 while we still live in such a low tech world*.....*L*

Pz out,
Vaia 14 years ago
Sorry I'm slow! Trying to get the bugs knocked out of my new computer yet!

Thank you so much to patslash for the wonderful images! Just perfect!!
Darsa 14 years ago
AWwww, Vaia, she looks beautiful! Almost exactly like my Jennifer Your use of lighting/shadows is really wonderful as well, I'm very impressed

Thank you so much!
klooless 14 years ago
Thank you, thank you Eve! You made Ellethia look gorgeous. She's definitely going on my desktop. I loved doing this exchange and definitely plan to participate in more. Thanks for the warm welcome!
tamaelia 14 years ago
Dear, wonderful, amazing Verileah! I apologise sincerely for not posting here sooner, I have been laid up with a just delightful dose of fever and flu but am on the mend now. Your skills in illustration blow me away, especially as I discovered how incredibly dense I must be as I have NFC how to drive the pen tool. You made Triss look so incredibly menacing and still you would not suspect her! Just perfect I am beyond thrilled with your creation, what a lovely way to start feeling better... a faboo picture and sig! Thankyou again so much and so sorry I made you wait this long to hear from me.

templarlover 14 years ago
Jazzine, I'm so glad you liked her. She was quite fun to work with...kept coming up with so many different ideas.

Roguegoddess: Thank you! Rebekah turned out absolutely beautiful! I have her on my desktop. Thanks again!