Its on sale 50% off Full version and 25% off for upgrades (P6+) until 3/31 !

Its got 64bit Support and so far all of my P8 python scripts work with PP2010.

Jetamio 12 years ago
Doh lol, I just asked my Mum for P8 and Z Brush.
Chrissy99 12 years ago
Argh, I thought the pricing was standard. Didn't realize it was a sale. I hope they keep the sidegrades available after the sale.
Nianya 12 years ago
Ok is anyone else having problems with PP 2010 crashing?
Eve 12 years ago
I haven't had any more than the occasional crash which seems to happen no matter what version I use LoL
Laschae 12 years ago
If you're having lots of crashes I would talk to SM they helped me solve my crash problem really quickly.
Vex 12 years ago
i think i've crashed once? maybe? My photoshop crashes more than my ppro2010

( i can not gush more about this amazing upgrade - almsot every time i use it i find something better / cooler in it )
Nianya 12 years ago
I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact I I still have Poser 6 installed, and Poser 8, and yesterday I installed Pro? I've never had any problems with Poser 6 crashing... only any version higher than that. =\ Maybe I need to uninstall previous versions of poser.. hmmm... I don't know. I'll have to talk to SM or something cause I have a couple commissions I have to finish and need my poser! lol
ROzbeans 12 years ago
Are you using the same runtime? Mine kept crashing because I was using my old runtime. Hate to say it, but try doing a fresh one.
Laschae 12 years ago
I have P5,7, and 8 installed and have all the runtimes in P8. It could be that you have too many runtimes (think I saw it mentioned somewhere) maybe try only loading the one you need? I dunno tho I have uh...20 runtimes on my P8 and haven't had any crashes since I started using seperate processes to render.
Nianya 12 years ago
I'm going to update my drivers for video card..see if that helps. And yeah as much as I don't want to do it, I may just have to redo my runtime. It wouldn't kill me actually to delete and uninstall half the crap I have that I don't even use... like V3, A3, and all their crap. LOL
Nianya 12 years ago
Well downloaded and updated my video card. So far PPro hasn't crashed *knocks on wood* and I've been able to do 3 test renders. Woohoo!! Now I can get back to work on my commish piece!