Flashing White - a Poem

Intermittent flashing white
a hum on a path of black
guided by a yellow marker
Always going to the front
can't turnaround, can't go back
alone in the driver's seat
and yet I've got companions
I pick them out as I drive
Get passed by a Neon,
a friend enters my thoughts
twin wheels of a motorcycle
family is on my mind
a Mustang blows me away
my heart warms up
and lonely I no longer feel
my mind is a maze
my thoughts a riddle
I think of love, hate,
and feelings in the middle
alone while driving
many wishes see I do
most of those concern myself
a majority of them I'm not
just me, you and I are we
passing on the right,
an exit is passed
but I keep going
driving in the lane before me
from daybreak to nightfall
it goes through my head
I think of it all.