The world above - short blurp

We’re always watching.

It’s like a two sided mirror. You can’t see us, but we can see you and all we do is watch.

It’s not your fault really. You don’t even know our world is there. We stand two feet above your world and you walk right though us every day. You see it’s all about harmony. It’s not possibly for our two worlds to exist at the same time. The vibrations of your lives are set at a lower frequency than ours. Like a dog you can’t hear the highs but we hear the lows. We watch and we wait and every so often one of you finds a way. Someone unlocks the tune and for the briefest moment our worlds collide and a doorway is opened. Then it’s game on. Twenty four human hours the door remains open and we run. Many of us don’t make it as the doorway always seems to create itself in a remote area. But we run.

It’s been a hundred years since the last human has bridged the gap and she was only the second human to do so that we know of. So we watch, with hands pressed up against the glass, noses flat in anticipation and wait.


( something random that ate it's way out of my head for me to build upon. Everytime i put things on my computer it crashes and I lose it. Dell does not like my creative leaks)
Playlist : Sigur Ros "Untitled"

ROzbeans 14 years ago
Nicely done, Dia. Really like it - there more to it?
Dia 14 years ago
not yet, but I'm hoping to expand it more. I had some more ideas at work last night. Waiting ontables CAN be inspiring lol

and thank you!