Angels and Demons Art Event Scenario

“But there’ll be nothing left.”

He didn’t seem to care when I said that. He just sat there, smug in his decision, drinking his scotch and tonic with his usual flair. Dark, shoulder length hair framed a perfectly Romanesque shaped face. A strong nose coupled with chiseled cheekbones…he was my diametrically opposed twin with my fair skin, cropped golden hair and blue eyes.

“Why do you do that?” he asked. “Always comparing our differences.”

He read my thoughts, of course, never holding back on his talents and always showing off. “I just find it ironic that we are so different than what people think we are.”

What were we? The prodigal son and the unashamed rebel? Looking at him, I wondered which he’d call himself. He grinned as I thought this.

“But there’ll be nothing left…don’t you get that?” I repeated my statement again. Hell, I had repeated it several times and each time he just smiled. Finally, there was an answer.

“We can start over again. Level the playing field.”

“Wha-? You’re using them for entertainment? How can you just wipe the slate clean like that?”

“And you’ve never wanted to do that…”

“There's a difference to wanting to try and actually doing it. This thing between us, its my ying to your yang. There’s a balance in what I do. It’s progress, evolution…”

“Suddenly you care so much about them.” He whispered wistfully. Leaning forward, my cosmic counterpart laced his fingers together and nodded. “Let’s play a game then.”

As he leaned forward, I instinctively sat back in my seat. Despite being the handsome opposite, his proximity still bothered me. It was if he physically moved time and space around him, displacing it with his strong arms and perfectly manicured nails.

“What game?”

He shrugged slowly, as if in thought. That was laughable. Whatever suggestion my counterpart came up with, a sudden thought it was not. This was planned before I even walked in the door.

I looked around the small, dark diner he chose to have this visit, and they were few and far between, believe me. We sat at a two person, small, round table at the back in what would have been darkness if not for our presence. The world moved listlessly around us, ignoring us but avoiding just the same. Humans knew when to be frightened, even if they didn’t consciously know it, and they should be afraid, but ironically not of me.

Lifting his chin, my counterpart nodded toward the large picture window looking out across the street of this middle American city. Steel and glass, gluttony and pride sat across the street from this small diner. A U.S. bank, the flagship of its kind. My eyebrows raised, feigning irritation.

“The people in the bank, right now, right this second…let them decide then. We both know that humans carry a little bit of you and me. You call forth your…friends. I’ll call forth mine. Let them mingle, so to speak.”

“Mingle how?”

He shrugged. Then he smiled.

Rolling my eyes I knew exactly what he meant. “Last man standing?”

“So to speak.” His grin grew wide and he held his hand out across the table.

Lifting my hands out of my lap, I looked at my right hand and then held it out to my counterpart. The air moved as our hands came close together till they touched, hand to hand, skin to skin.

The lights began to flicker as our table began to tremor till the entire diner began to shake. The terra beneath our feet rumbled angrily as the force of our agreement shook it down to the core. The humans began to scurry, like little ants. Slight shrills filtered in as the humans in the diner rushed out into the street. I pulled back my hand, but my counterpart held tight, squeezing.

“No cheating now, Luc. I hate a cheater, you know.”

Squeezing back, the earth beneath us trembled in aftershock at our show of hubris. “It’s Lucifer.”

And I am who I am.” With a smile that no human would ever hope to see, my counterpart, the Lord of the Heavens himself, stood with my hand still in his grasp and prepared for his Judgment Day.

Slowly I rose with him, our physical bond being our word. We'd let the humans decide their fate, today, in that bank. As we disengaged the air around us trembled.

Wouldn’t the humans find it ironic that in this game, my demons will be their saviors and His angels will bring the Apocalypse?

Ironic, indeed.