Cut N' Blow - Free hair merchant resource......

ForbiddenWhispers presents a free hair resource for all your texturing needs.

This has been optermized for shorter hair styles, but could probably be adapted to long hair.

Included are ten hair textures, including specular layers.

Useage guidlines

You can

* use this in commercial hair models
* use this in commercial artwork
* use this in free artistic renders
* use for texturing free hair models

You cannot

* redistribute in other merchant resources
* claim as your own

You will need to register to download, but this will be popped on renderosity freestuff too, so you haven't got to register if you'd much rather wait...

Until then, here's the link to my personal website.


Eve 13 years ago
Just curious, but why stipulate that you can't use it to texture free models? I mean, I've seen commercial products with that requirement, but you're already giving these away. I guess I don't understand why it would bother you to have someone take them and use them to create mats for a model that someone else gave away. *scratches head*
LillianaSapphire 13 years ago
No sorry, it's force of habbit...... I write that exact same thing in commercial ones, so its like, i go into 'copy/paste' mode to save time..... I'll go edit it LOL...


Originally this product was going to be a commercial one, for sale, but I thought "Sod it, I ain't done a freebie in a lil while......" So rounded it up with 10 textures/specs. Forgot to edit it....sorry.
Eve 13 years ago
LoL been there done that! No worries, just had me scratching my head was all
LillianaSapphire 13 years ago
LoL been there done that! No worries, just had me scratching my head was all

LOL If i increase my coffee intake, it'll make me even worse........