Vendors on Daz?

Ok maybe I can't find it, or not looking in the right spot.. but if there was a vendor on Daz you wanted to contact and ask a question.. how would you do that? Anyone know? I really don't feel like spamming the Daz forums assuming the vendor even lurks/post there.

Laschae 13 years ago
I think since Daz does customer support for their vendors you could contact them...if the vendor sells on Rendo or RDNA look at the readme and it should have their email addy in it.
Eve 13 years ago
Or just PM them in the forums. I've done that before when it wasn't about an actual product in the store, just something I wanted to ask a particular vendor about
Nianya 13 years ago
Thanks. I checked the forums, and didn't find him so he either doesn't post or has a username I can't find. I'll try contacting customer support and checking other 3D stores. I ran across a 3D model of a 1966 Mustang although he refers to it as a 1966 AM Car ( but its a fastback and convert. I need a coupe! Was just curious if he ever made a coupe and if so does he offer it for sale.

If all else fails, I'm gonna end up buying one day when I can afford it.