Awakenings - a poem

I rolled over this morning
Your side of the bed was clear
Suddenly my nose itched
So I scratched my elven ear

I placed a hand where you had lain
The mattress was still warm
Bearing your body's heat stain
From the presence of your form

Your unique scent rose from your pillow
I drank it in, intoxicated
Not quite the same as the real thing, I knew
But I'd sense it again if I waited.

I dream of you, night and day
I dream of what could be
I feel enough in my heart to say
I want you to be with me.

My mind, it aches for the touch
of your voice, power of your mind
My body feels your caresses such
And my knots start to unwind

You affect me so deeply
Mind, body, soul and heart
Ensconced in my morning reverie
I allow my day to start.