Ghost Thread

Eat your dead here. What? I kid.

reminder: No revealing clues about your role. Typically we say that you cannot say anymore than you already have, but please - no help from the dead!

ShutUpSara 13 years ago
lol Keriath! Sorry about the vote. Purely trying to save my skin from the Lynch mob.
Keriath 13 years ago
Oh no worries it was a fun game. I waited till i felt i had a good idea on who was who. And i still think Vulash needs to dieeeeeee.
ShutUpSara 13 years ago
Well, it's all going to hell in a hand basket now Maybe I'll actually have a reprieve and be able to play EQ2 ... after homework and foster kids and everything else D:
Verileah 13 years ago
Boo and stuff!

Where's the beer!?
Vudu 13 years ago
lol guess the ghost thread never got their movie and sprite and diet coke and popcorn