Hey there! Thought I'd pop in here and introduce myself before I started posting. Roz actually told me about this site....well, awhile ago! I just hadn't gotten around to stopping by till now and registering *shifty eyes* But I'm here now!

Roz and I actually went to high school together in Hawaii before both of our families got shipped off somewhere else. I took a few art classes when I was there as well as Photography, but once I graduated from high school, I kind of let that all slide in favor of being a mom. I started playing EQ1 in 2001, starting out on the Bristlebane server then moving to Firiona Vie after a few months. When EQ2 launched in 2004, I moved there and have been on the Antonia Bayle server ever sense, with a few breaks to try other mmorpg's. I have 2 boys and a baby girl (16mos) that keep me busy, but somehow I try to work in leading a guild, writing (which has taken a bit of a back seat lately, sadly), and recently rejuvenating my drawing skills. I used to enjoy making signatures for mine and others characters, but I haven't done so in awhile. If I can find a few of my old ones, I will post them. My computer has been upgraded a few times since, so that may be an impossible feat!

I recently decided to give 3D art a try. We'll see what comes of that!

For those of you that do play EQ2, I am namely on Jeyanna on Antonia Bayle with random sightings of Ashianna here and there.

ROzbeans 13 years ago
Girl we've known each other since junior high! Did you transfer in like 8th grade? Friggin forever ago lol. Thanks for coming to the site finally! Excited about seeing your stuff!!

i-inspire 13 years ago
Ashianna 13 years ago
Lol Yes, your right! I did transfer in 8th grade. Wow, it's even longer than I thought.......damn!
Laschae 13 years ago
Hi there
Eve 13 years ago
Welcome welcome!
Faeini 13 years ago
Lessa 13 years ago