Angels & Demons - Thank You, Love You, You're Awesome Thread!

I don't know if we're allowd to comment here, so if not, move me please lol BUT... I just had to thank Wystro publicly after sending a PM. I love her. You did a great job, and how hard you worked definitely shines through. I can't say enough, thank you will have to do!
(unfortunately when I try to put in the sig, it keeps taking me to forum subscriptions lol I will try again later!)

I can't get my sig to work for some reason, still. I did the upload, I did the insert, I did the preview, and save, but it's still not here? Any ideas?

Wystro 12 years ago
Done! Thank you =)
ROzbeans 12 years ago
Hey can everyone post links to their DA submission for their art? I came home and had like 1k deviantart messages and just had to delete most of them =x I want to fav them all and include them in the TAC-club gallery =D
Wystro 12 years ago
Verileah, what a lovely story! Thank you! And thank you for the lovely sig -- now I need to figure out a way to cycle between your and Kilandra's lovely works.

You guys are so amazing =D