LARPers Island Mafia!

TAC Presents: LARPers Island, a game of Mafia
TAC, our illustrious host, and your mods, Verileah and Vulash, request your assistance and testing expertise for a quite different sort of Mafia game. This will be a role-play oriented game filled with the usual murder, intrigue, and suspicion, but also a healthy dose of character interaction. Together we hope to test a new system of playing, so join in and let your voice be heard.

Sign ups are going on now, and we hope to begin the game on September 30. We would encourage you to read the new rules FAQ as well as the scenario and character threads.

Thank you,
The Angry Crayon Staff

Verileah 13 years ago
Sorry, I suck . Should be fixed.
ROzbeans 13 years ago
Sign ups end 9/29. Game starts 9/30!