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Any Aliases or Nicknames:
Origin or Previous Residence (where or when were you born or perhaps the last place you lived):
Species (human, elf, dwarf, vampire, some sort of alien, etc):
Physical Description (please include eye and hair colors if applicable):
Any Special Traits or Abilities:
Experience (brief history of your past):

Sign ups will be open from Sept 20-30th
Turn in on November 7th

ROzbeans 13 years ago
Name: Brian Jameson

Any Aliases or Nicknames: Brig

Origin or Previous Residence (where or when were you born or perhaps the last place you lived)
: Nachton, US - www.sanguineaffliction.com

Species (human, elf, dwarf, vampire, some sort of alien, etc): Human/Werewolf

Physical Description (please include eye and hair colors if applicable): 6'5, lean and muscular, fair skinned with freckles. Military cut reddish/auburn hair - short on the sides, top a little long but combed back. crisp, blue eyes. Wolf description: large, reddish brown

Any Special Traits or Abilities:

Gestalt – Werewolves with this ability are natural leaders; in both human and wolf form, when they are at all involved a group tends to get more accomplished, stay on task, and work well as a team. There is no direct mind control involved in this ability, but when a werewolf with gestalt is present others seem more unified, almost as though they are one being working together so well that verbal communication is almost unnecessary. While this is not a telepathic ability, they seem to understand what is needed before anything is even said; they have a feel for when to wait, when to attack, that there is a weak spot in the group on the left side so someone moves over to cover it, and so on. All things being equal, this ability works with the same level of effectiveness in human and in wolf form (though obviously via different methods of communication).

Pep Rally – The werewolf with this ability has that certain something, call it charisma or perhaps enthusiasm that motivates people to become interested in the activities and goals that the were has. Others seem to want to be around that person and without that person they would split up; weres with Team Spirit can therefore act as a rallying point. All things being equal, this ability works with the same level of effectiveness in human and in wolf form, though obviously via different methods of communication.

Wolf Next Door - Werewolves with this ability appear well behaved and have an innocent quality about them. This ability won't help them if there is evidence to show they have committed a foul deed but they will be one of the last persons anyone believes capable of doing such a thing. People tend to respond sympathetically to werewolves with this ability. Ex: I just can't believe Butch would attack those people. He always seemed so nice! Poor guy, I wonder what set him off.

Hobbies and Skills:

Tactical Reconnaissance
Hand to Hand combat
Military planning - war games
Horseback riding
Small arms
Computer savvy - Programmer level
Plays the violin

Experience (brief history of your past):

http://sanguineaffliction.com/forum/showthread.php?t=2655 - Brig's Bio

At one hundred and ten years old, Commander Brig Jameson leads an elite group of werewolves called 'The Pipers'. All Pipers were related to either the Jameson or Hammerthynn family and possessed certain innate abilities that aided in either their protection detail involving the Alpha and his family or covert missions against the Vampires in Nachton, including their werewolf brothers, the Vyusher R'asa.

Being the oldest son of Elder Duncan Jameson, Brig controls the Nachton Pipers with his first cousin and Beta, Iov Hammerthynn. Brig's youngest nephew, Lothias Jameson, also known as the LT, aids him in running their operation. Jamesons have always provided support for the Alpha protectors, the Hammerthynns.

This is what Jamesons and Hammerthynns are bred for, period.

All Pipers carry the same blood memory; a centuries old feud with the vampires and with one in particular. This vampire's presence in Nachton has pushed the Pipers to its limits, resulting in the deaths of at least seven of their group, and ultimately in the routing of his men.

Brig Jameson is a unique man and werewolf, at least compared to his cousin and Beta, Hammer. They are very much part of a special ying and yang - practically one man, split down the middle. Hammer possesses indifferent grace under pressure, is a foreboding leader, and a remorseless killer; Brig leads by example, compassion, camaraderie, and humor; he is a strong leader, loving son, and amorous lover.

Standing at six foot five, Brig has crisp blue eyes and graying red hair cut into a long flat top that is combed back, sides shaved short. Sprinkled liberally across his fair skin are soft, brown freckles. His shoulders are practically as wide as he is tall, his laughter infectious, and his smile diabolically debonair. Brig's lithe body is cut as sharp as a knife's edge, his features are angular and his jaw squared.

Married four times, Brig is ever searching for the next Ex-Mrs Jameson.
quiarrah 13 years ago
Is this a game like the last one . . .or is it just the art one like the steampunk one?
If it is art. . .I will ust this as a place saver. . . Thank YOu

Name: Shahara Kallaharri

Any Aliases or Nicknames: Shay

Origin or Previous Residence : The Ritadarion Empire in the year 3045

Species : Dark Huntress (an ancient human warrior who sold her soul to the Goddess Artimis to fight for the protection of all humankind. She has vampric tendencies ie:fangs, may or may not drink blood as it suits her and cannot go out in sunlight)

Physical Description Hair is long, curly and Red with a blond stip on the right side. Her Human eyes were blue although her Dark hunter eyes are almost black. She has a double bow and arrow tattoo just above her left breast.
She wears a black tank top with black leather pants and boots and black leather gloves go up to her elbows. She will also wear a long glack leather duster (coat) with a hood.

Any Special Traits or Abilities: She has superhuman strength and can heal from any mortal wound except decapitation. Or Sunlight. She was a League assissan on her home world. The best of the best. She was on her way to capture a criminal when something went wrong with her mission and she ended up here,

Experience (brief history of your past): to be continued . . . .
An impovrished bounty hunter was unheard of in the Ritadarion Government, but Shahara was one. Not because she wasn;t good at her job, but because of her family. Her sisters were always spending her money , borrowing for this or that. Her Mother was ill and spent more time in the hospital than at home. So it was only out of necessity that she accpted the job to take down one of the most-wanted criminals of her time, C.I. Syn. Murderer, rapist, filcher, drug-runner. . among other things. Shahara knew she had to take him down.
Having spent the last of her maney paying her mothers most recent hospital bill, she boarded her ship and prepared to take off after Syn. She had the coordinates of his last jump and prepared to follow. . . .She punched in the the numbers and took off out of the airlock and brakneck speed. . when something went wrong with the power cells in her ship. She could all but feel the ship disintegrating around her and she growled in her throat ans a beam came crashing down on her and knocked her unconscious.
Wystro 13 years ago
Name: Wystro Riverstone

Any Aliases or Nicknames: "The Zebra"

Origin or Previous Residence (where or when were you born or perhaps the last place you lived):
Wystro started out in a high-fantasy universe populated with humans, gnomes, dwarves, and other elven variations. The very last place he lived was a Steampunky, Edwardian universe.

Species (human, elf, dwarf, vampire, some sort of alien, etc): Elf

Physical Description (please include eye and hair colors if applicable):
Medium build, slightly over 6' tall, pale skin, faintly pointed ears, cerulean blue eyes, auburn hair (no brighter in the red range, please =) ). Wystro dresses in Edwardian dandified clothing, usually with coat and tails, top hat, and cane. In whatever costuming he wears, he takes great pride in his appearance. His hair is long (mid-back length) and is braided or coiffed to maintain immaculate follicular order. He looks more "LoTR" elf and not so much Manga elf. His ears may or may not be visible depending on the hairstyle.

Any Special Traits or Abilities:
Wystro can conjure minor objects, lights, and amusements. His magic has faded to a point of courtly charms rather than grand fireballs of destruction. Wystro's knowledge of herbs and subtle alchemy are his main means of executing the contracts that he acquires. His big, bad steampunk spider can smash things if things get too out-of-hand, but this is rare.

Experience (brief history of your past):
Wystro lived in a high-fantasy universe populated with humans, gnomes, dwarves, and other elven variations. After over 1000 years of idle foppery, he applied himself to the magical arts and discovered through his studies that his universe was one of many. These universes grow then fold into each other, hammered and melded together, alloyed like some sort of great sword in the grand forge of eternity.
Charming indeed, thought Wystro. But he realized that his universe was due for a fold. That meant, of course, that his world was no longer in fashion. In a desperate attempt to be on-trend, Wystro used a magical doorway to bring himself and his spider familiar through different dimensions and worlds in the ultimate search for what was "In".
As he traveled farther from his origins, he found that his native magical talents were fading to a glimmer. In desperation, he knitted the remaining essence of his spider familiar into a brass and steam spider construct. Wystro kept his familiar, but he lost the majority of his magical talent which had formerly afforded him a life of luxury and ease.
Fortunately, in every world and in every fold of eternity, everyone wants someone dead. Wystro learned that he has a talent for composing subtle and delightful methods of dispatchment, and whatever moral qualms he entertains are soothed by the money he earns and the luxuries that his income affords.

KaAnna 13 years ago
Name: Unknown

Any Aliases or Nicknames: The Executioner

Origin or Previous Residence: The Void

Species: Unknown; appears in a familiar shape to the world it is currently wreaking havoc on (aka HUMAN appearance)

Physical Description: The physical characteristics of the Executioner are dependant on the world that it engages. For this world, its appearance takes on that of a human. The being's eyes are entirely black with slight swirls of purple, representing the Void from which it came. Dark hair is piled onto of its head in a unkempt fashion with braids, hairwraps and other items decorating the hair. These items are objects from the Executioner's past. Items which were taken from the worlds that it had inhabited. These are the only things which remain no matter what form the being takes.

The Executioner is relatively androgynous with feminine facial features, but a masculine body (not necessarily muscular). Always with the being is a colossal two-handed axe that it wields in one hand, dragging it on the ground behind. The Executioner's attire can consist of anything from complete body armor (metal or otherwise) to simple clothing. It is up to the supernatural being whether it wants to be underestimated or if it wants people to know its power.

Any Special Traits or Abilities: Cannot be killed or captured. Destroys that which it deems fit. No one knows the pattern, the cause or the reason of its killings and/or destructions. It comes and leaves of its own accord, or so it seems.

Experience (brief history of your past): The Executioner is a supernatural being which inhabits a world for a undetermined amount of time. It has existed throughout history and has appeared in many different forms. Some believe it is good, some believe it is evil. It is celebrated and it is feared. No one quite knows the reason why the Executioner comes into the world at the times that it does. It phases into the world quickly and quietly, and leaves the same way. Yet, when it makes itself known to the world, its entrance is sudden, explosive. It cannot be killed and it cannot be contained. All you can hope to do is let it 'run its course'. There is not a soul in the world who would stand in the way of the Executioner and its goals. Those who have in the past have come back horrifically impaired (physically or mentally) or never returned at all.

Desktop size: 1280 x 800 OR 1440 x 900

Luckily this isn't a RP character, or else I'd be a way overpowered Mary Sue.
Jetamio 13 years ago
Name: Kalsari

Any Aliases or Nicknames: She often adopts a name briefly as needed, but none that stick.

Origin or Previous Residence (where or when were you born or perhaps the last place you lived): She was born on Earth in a small Canadian town, but has since travelled to many worlds with her mother. Upon her mothers death, Kalsari returned to Earth, spending most of her time between Scotland and Canada.

Species (human, elf, dwarf, vampire, some sort of alien, etc): Shan`Kora (Shapeshifter). Kalsari is one of only a handful of her people still existing. While they are defined primarily by their shapeshifting abilities, they can cross boundaries in space as easily as they can take the form of any life form they encounter. They do not know their own true form, nor are they sure of where their home world really is. Their race is entirely female, though they can bear both male and female offspring. If the offspring is male, he will be born as a normal member of his sire's species. Females are also born in the form of their sire (for the mother cannot change form while pregnant) but inherits the mothers ability to shapeshift. Their daughters mature quickly, depending on what species they take the form of. Their people are essentially immortal until their daughters make their first kill, when the mother has trained her daughter to survive and is no longer needed. The mother dies soon after and the daughter takes her place. They can live for millenniums if given the opportunity, with them only being fertile once or twice a century.

Physical Description (please include eye and hair colors if applicable): In her human form she resembles the Native Americans of the Chilcotin area. Though taller than most of them, she shares their dark eyes and jet black hair, though her hair is curly rather than poker straight. Her eyes are widespread with a slight slant to them, framed by high cheekbones and full lips. Her figure is normally well toned.

Any Special Traits or Abilities: Aside from Shapeshifting, she can cross spacial and dimensional barriers at will. She takes on the strengths and weaknesses of whatever form she takes. She is particularly skilled with knives and daggers when in a humanoid form, otherwise she relies on whatever animal skills are available to her.

Experience (brief history of your past):

Kalsari was pissed.

She sat alone at a small table, glowering at anyone who came near. The future had seemed so bright, a fresh start upon Earth, a world practically ignored by her previous employer, and a handsome man to keep her out of trouble. Why did she have to get pregnant? How was it even possible? The Shan`Kora were generally infertile for the first two hundred years of their lives, and she was barely past a hundred. Daniel had been angry too, for she had told him of her infertility and he had never wanted children. He had called her some ugly names and even raised his fist to her before she finally slipped a steel blade between his ribs. Unable to Shapeshift to hide from the cops, the five months pregnant Kalsari fled to the Crossroads to ponder her next move.

And then the Agents found her.
Beli 13 years ago
I returnth!

Name: Joan Shepard

Any Aliases or Nicknames: Commander or Shepard

Origin or Previous Residence (where or when were you born or perhaps the last place you lived):
Earth -- doesn't matter where. Game description says: "As an Earth-born, you had a rough childhood in the slums of Earth, and have a gritty edge to your personality. You enlisted at the age of eighteen, in order to avoid falling into the trap of gang culture and poverty."

Species (human, elf, dwarf, vampire, some sort of alien, etc):

Physical Description (please include eye and hair colors if applicable):
Brown eyes. Bleached blonde hair with black eyebrows. (Can show black roots if you want. The ME1 screenshots make her look this way. ME2 has improved graphics and does not reflect this.)

ME1 screenshots
ME2 screenshots

Any Special Traits or Abilities:
Highly trained soldier and can wear the heaviest of armor and equip any type of weapon. Sometimes uses a sniper rifle, sometimes uses a pistol -- whatever gets the job done. Can wear a cocktail dress if going undercover, too.

Experience (brief history of your past):
Without spoiling the Mass Effect game too much for those that haven't played it, there's an alien species that aims to take over the universe and Shepard is fighting against the odds trying to beat this foe with minimal support behind her. The galaxic alien council has a hard time believing her reports with little evidence to act on. Shepard is granted spectre status so she is effectively above the law and can take matters into her own hands without consulting the council. That's basically how it plays out. Shepard leans more on the ruthless scale than the diplomat scale. (With civilians and bystanders, she makes an exception and takes it down a notch or two.)

(((WOOOOOT! le !!!!)))) - roz
Kels 13 years ago
Name: Lillya Aluviel (yeah she's my main. no matter the game I luv her)
Any Aliases or Nicknames: Lil
Origin or Previous Residence (where or when were you born or perhaps the last place you lived): The Raven-Mythic / Norrath (EQ2)
Species (human, elf, dwarf, vampire, some sort of alien, etc): human with moderate high elf (her mother was half high elf/human)
Physical Description (please include eye and hair colors if applicable): Lillya's hair is dark and brown, curly, and generally worn in two pigtails. She is on the petite side, about five feet in height, with long dancers legs. Her ass and legs are well defined because of her dancing. Her lips are too large for her face, her fawn brown eyes are slightly slanted like an elf or an asian, and her ears have the slight point of her elven ancestry. Her skin is suntanned. She is happy most of the time and radiates that happiness.
Any Special Traits or Abilities: was a coercer, is now just an empath and a dancer.
Experience (brief history of your past):

Lillya was childlike, when she was adopted by the Bloodthorn. Raised from the age of fourteen in a cult of death and disease, her mind was skewed towards believing this was normal. She was often sent out with another killer to dispose of those who betrayed their oaths, or who failed their pledging. When sent out on a solo mission (unheard of) after a pledge who betrayed his oaths to the cult, she confronted a wizard of qeynos who was aiding the pledge. Falling into the portal that was opened underneath her, she ended up at the crossroads. A dancer on Norrath as well as a coercer, she retained only receptive empathy in this new reality. Taking up as a dancer in one of the bars to pay her keep, fitting into the tavern like atmosphere. For two years she was left alone and then someone showed up to recruit her.
Dia 13 years ago
PlaceHOLDS! (yay kenyon worlds above!)


Name: Eyan

Any Aliases or Nicknames: nones

Origin or Previous Residence (where or when were you born or perhaps the last place you lived):

Species (human, elf, dwarf, vampire, some sort of alien, etc): Dark Fae

Physical Description (please include eye and hair colors if applicable):

Any Special Traits or Abilities:

Experience (brief history of your past):
Janet PD 13 years ago
Name: Muuaji Wawatu

Any Aliases or Nicknames: Mooj

Origin or Previous Residence:

Born 1357, Togo, Africa.

Alien, but probably a bit human too, she has many human characteristics.

Physical Description:
Long and lean, muscular. Black eyes and hair, but sometimes they would turn a blueish green color.

Any Special Traits or Abilities:
She has a great talent for voodoo but with a strong psychic edge to it. Also very good with a knife - usually carries a few around with her. And her magic bags - she always has at least one small one that she wears around her neck.

She grew up with voodoo, it was a way of life. Her kind taught it to the humans, or tried to at least. She was much better at it than any human could ever be. She didn't really comprehend how humans did not usually know what each other were thinking. That's kind of how she got into the killing. She knew who needed killing instinctively. It was second nature to her...
Mai 13 years ago
Name: Adila Bishop

Any Aliases or Nicknames: Topaz

Origin or Previous Residence (where or when were you born or perhaps the last place you lived): Earth, Millenium City

Species (human, elf, dwarf, vampire, some sort of alien, etc): Well... She -was- human and now she's also something else. Demon from the looks of it.

Physical Description (please include eye and hair colors if applicable): She's tall in both her forms, even taller in demon form. Her hair is black shoulder length dreds with coppery coloured beads. Her eyes are a golden orange. In her human form she wears normal street clothes and in demon form she wears whatever stuff doesn't get in the way of wings and a tail. She uses a length of chain as a weapon. (who freakin knows, Champions felt all supernatural creatures shopped at the same weapon shop as Spawn)

Any Special Traits or Abilities: She flies, wields a mean chain and sucks the life out of people...in the name of good, of course!

Experience (brief history of your past): Adila worked in a curio shop until the day someone came in and sold a strange golden orange statue. She could have sworn she saw it glow but of course that's not possible. A few days later, she found herself becoming something quite different. Adila freaked and locked herself in her home for days (completly missing the Quellar Invasion because I didn't want to go through the tutorial again) Eventually the need to eat something other than raman and cheetohs forced her to come to terms with her situation. She decided that this transformation of her physical form would not change -who- she was on the inside. Adila decided to use it for helping others. Its tough to remember you're doing the world a favour as you watch the bodies drop lifeless to the floor but so far she is managing.

Topaz Middle Form
Topaz Demon Form
Topaz Flying She glows purple!
Vaia 13 years ago
Name: Imari

Any Aliases or Nicknames: Duma (or simply "Doom")

Origin or Previous Residence
: Unknown

Species (human, elf, dwarf, vampire, some sort of alien, etc): half-breed angel/demon

Physical Description (please include eye and hair colors if applicable): Imari is tall, strong and unusually alluring. She wears her long red hair back in a tight braid. Her eyes are normally green, but when hunting, they shine with a bright red luminescence. She prefers to wear tight clothes that accentuate her curves, but commonly wears a long black trenchcoat. She has powerful white batwings, crested with black feathers, but rarely uses them as they remind her of her heritage. She is able to hide them from human sight, but now and again a black downy feather will shake from her hair or slip from beneath her coat.

Any Special Traits or Abilities:
Due to her nature, Imari is super-humanly strong, agile and...persuasive. Having been trained to hunt her mother's demonic minions, as well as more divine hosts, she has honed her skills at assassination to the point where they very rarely see her coming, and when they do they don't have time to run, muchless breathe. She can fly, but prefers not to because of the size and bulk of her wings.

Experience (brief history of your past): Imari was the product of an unlikely union and an affair that altered the fabric of the world. Her mother left her to the care of the Valkyr, to be trained as a neutral force in the balance of good and evil. Their training was rigorous, and Imari took it a bit too seriously. After leaving the compound where she was raised, Imari took it upon herself to ensure that demons and angels ceased to meddle in the affairs of men or to use humans for their own devices.

Her motto: Humanity is screwed up enough. It doesn't need their help

Reference (old one) - http://vaia.deviantart.com/gallery/#/du1hsg
EireDOrakaa 13 years ago
Place Hold please. I'll throw in my paintbrush for this one. Will post my annoyance soon.

Any Aliases or Nicknames: Name: Ejhin D'Vanth Alisases: Shroud
Origin or Previous Residence (where or when were you born or perhaps the last place you lived): Norrath - Neriak & House D'Orakaa compound
Species (human, elf, dwarf, vampire, some sort of alien, etc): Teir'dal from EQ1
Physical Description (please include eye and hair colors if applicable): Coming in a moment
Any Special Traits or Abilities: Coming in a moment
Experience (brief history of your past): Coming in a moment
Ksagag 13 years ago
Name: Talaon

Any Aliases or Nicknames: nope

Origin or Previous Residence (where or when were you born or perhaps the last place you lived): unknown

Species (human, elf, dwarf, vampire, some sort of alien, etc): Fae

Physical Description (please include eye and hair colors if applicable): She has narrow blue eyes. Her fine, curly, white hair is worn in a style that cascades down her back. She is very short and has an elegant build. Her skin is cream-colored. She has high cheekbones and small pointed ears. She is usually dressed very elegantly, but has been known to switch it up depending on the situation.

Any Special Traits or Abilities: She is capable of magic dealing with both earth and hypnotism. It requires chants, a special magical sword, and emotional calm. This style of magic depends on an animal familiar which is a white owl named Frost. The sword has a gold colored blade with bows engraved in the grip that was passed down in her family for generations.

Experience (brief history of your past): She's very quiet and usually very composed. She wasn't always this way. She grew up in a very happy home, until her parents were murdered when she was young. She quickly changed from a happy-go-lucky giggling girl to a young woman with shifty eyes, suspicious of everyone.

She swore to herself she would seek vengeance on the ones who killed her family. That's how she hooked up with a man that taught her everything she knows. He has soft brown eyes and his dark hair is worn very short. He has a lean build with dark colored skin that sports many tattoos. They were inseparable until she came to the Crossroads...
Faeini 13 years ago
Name: Faeini

Any Aliases or Nicknames: Faefae

Origin or Previous Residence (where or when were you born or perhaps the last place you lived): Heaven that she can remember.

Species (human, elf, dwarf, vampire, some sort of alien, etc): Fallen angel vampire

Physical Description (please include eye and hair colors if applicable): full black eyes and dark red hair, no style, she wears it how she likes, she has one gun but likes her swords the most. Has blueish skin for turning vamp and has wings on her ears. she had horns added as a joke for once being an angel. angel wing tat on her back as another part of her joke but you can really only see it if ya ever see her naked which is rarely for anyone to live and tell. Character sheet

Any Special Traits or Abilities: as being an angel she can go in the sunlight but she really loves the night.

Experience (brief history of your past): she remembers doing jobs for the supes. How she came to being a vamp is still unknown but shes enjoying it. she thinks anyone is fair game when it comes to the price of their head.
Osirusblue 13 years ago
I've been endlessly debating with myself as to whether or not my terrible skills would be good enough, but I figured to go with the old adage nothing ventured nothing gained.

Name: Micajah Threadcraft

Any Aliases or Nicknames: Cage

Origin or Previous Residence (where or when were you born or perhaps the last place you lived): Earth, German occupied London

Species (human, elf, dwarf, vampire, some sort of alien, etc): Half-Elf

Physical Description (please include eye and hair colors if applicable): Cage is a man of average height with black hair and emerald green eyes. He has a perpetual grin which many find disarming. He was disfigured by his human father at a young age clipping Cage's ears to hide the tell-tale elvish points.

Any Special Traits or Abilities: Raised in part by airship mechanics, Cage has an amazing mechanical apptitude. He can fix or break just about anything mechanical, and has built some unique mechanical inventions. Cage has limited magical abilities including the ability to heal himself and those around him as well as project sounds and shadows.

Experience (brief history of your past): (I was thinking Steampunk and alternative world history when I wrote this) Born into aristocracy and raised by airship mechanics created a very unusual set of circumstances for Micajah Threadcraft. An active member of the Royal Flying Navy until its defeat at the hands of Germany, Cage quickly found a role within the underground resistance. His natural Elvish talents coupled with his unique blend of training allowed Cage to thrive as an assassin deep within the heart of the German command. Cage quickly became the most feared and hated being by the German armed forces. His workings within the British and French resistance are limited and still considered classified even after the fall of the German Reich but most attribute at least one of the assassinations of the Reichsfuhrer and Fuhrer to the work of the half-Elf assassin Cage Threadcraft.

Longer more detailed history if you're interested.
Micajah Threadcraft was born in the early 1930s aboard the HMS Providence Airship, the Elvish/Human flagship of the British Empire. His father Major Archibald Threadcraft was the Providence's Master Gunner and a cruel man who regularly beat his only son and wife, Thendriel. Given his rank and importance to the overall well being of the flagship, and thus the empire herself, his actions were forgiven by the ships executive officers. Cage matured quickly given his blended birth and spent the majority of his time with ship's mechanics. The one exception was the Providence's Majordomo, Marcaunon who befriended the boy and did his best to protect him from the Major wrath. At the age of 13 and first bombing of France and Spain by Germany, the Providence was attacked by a German Swiftship and incapacitated. Cage's father was blamed for failing to properly defend the ship and was quickly court-martialed on grounds of treason mostly under the direction of the Majordomo himself. The major's last request prior to his execution was to see his family and apologize for his failures. Against the wishes of Marcaunon, the audience of the major's family was granted where he took the opportunity to attack his son and wife. Cage's ears were hacked removing the noble points while Thendrial, who was pregnant with Cage's young sister, was stabbed repeatedly across her chest and abdomen the hope of killing the baby and mother. The screams brought the guards and the major was quickly restrained. It was only with Cage's latent magic ability to heal himself but the damage had gone too far and his mother died shortly after the attack. The elvish doctors managed to save his young sister, Estelwen. The major never made it to his execution, one night screams were heard throughout the ship when the Major was found in his cell bound in magical fire, despite some minor attempts to extinguish the flames the fire raged for more than 7 days and the cursed magic kept Archibald alive the entire time, when the flames finally subsided what was left of Archibald Threadcraft died instantly. It was never determined who created the flames but most believe it was the work of the Majordomo an investigation into the cause of the fire was closed shortly after it started for insufficient evidence.
Cage recovered quickly from his wounds and with the help of Elvish magic was able to slightly reconstruct his ears. Cage soared through the ranks of the Royal Navy reaching the rank of Major but unlike his father Cage was greatly respected and was considered by many of the Elves to be the pride of the British Royal Navy until the fall of the empire during the final German blitz that swarmed across Europe and Great Britain. With the occupation, the German forces quickly and efficiently began execution of captured Elvish prisoners viewing them as unclean and capable of taining the purity of humans. The public execution of the Queen's Elvish handmaiden, Thesauloura, drove the Elvish population underground where they began a resistance movement against the Germans.
Laschae 13 years ago
Name: LAZ
Any Aliases or Nicknames: none
Origin or Previous Residence (where or when were you born or perhaps the last place you lived): She has no idea where she comes from or how she got where she is.
Species (human, elf, dwarf, vampire, some sort of alien, etc): Human, as far as she knows.
Physical Description (please include eye and hair colors if applicable): Short medium colored red hair that looks like it was cut with a dull knife. Slightly above average height and on the thin side. She has very pale skin and the palest green eyes. Her eye lids are rimmed red. Her eye lashes and eyebrows are so pale you can barely see them. Her clothes are whatever is easy to move in and to not be remembered for. She's the car accident you drive by and look at but instantly forget, the homeless person begging for change you dismiss, the cowering dog in a doorway waiting to attack.
Any Special Traits or Abilities: Killing. Neat or messy, it doesn't matter.
Experience (brief history of your past): She has no knowledge of her origins and although the word 'comfortable' isn't really applicable; she feels most calm in city-scapes, surrounded by shadows and low light.
Lillyanna-Windmane 13 years ago
Name: Kimberly Martin

Nicknames: Kimmy

Origin or Previous Residence (where or when were you born or perhaps the last place you lived): Planet Varnik, 3rd quarter, outer rim. The streets are filthy and full of the scum that live there. Penthouse suite, yeah right, more like one room piece of shit.

Species (human, elf, dwarf, vampire, some sort of alien, etc): Human

Physical Description (please include eye and hair colors if applicable):
Shoulder length black wavy hair either left down or pulled back into a messy pony, dark brown eyes, 5' 10", olive skin, small muscular build, dark eyes and luscious lips. Weapons of choice are her hands, the knives in the tips of her boots and a pair of daggers at her sides. While she loves feminine things, you won't catch her in much more than a pair of tight black pants, a half shirt and pair of kickass boots.

Any Special Traits or Abilities: Other than the ability to spot a trap from a mile away and still go in, take her piece, and come out unharmed, she's just a normal every day woman trying to keep her little family together.

Experience (brief history of your past): Kimmy's parents were killed for information when she was eleven years old. Kimmy and her older brother, Jeremy, have been on the run since. Out of necessity to make money for their family, Kimmy became a Bounty Hunter, learning everything from her brother and the streets and killing pieces of shit for the next paycheck. Jeremy protective of her, but taught her all he knows, hell she even taught him a thing or two.

Most men fear her, the woman are jealous and all the cons know her name, hell she put half of them into lock up. In between the good paying jobs, she just takes on the pathetic cases that are just way too easy. Though Kimmy would never tell anybody else, she hates having to kill them, though it does hold the biggest thrill.
Ewokzombie (MrE1967) 13 years ago
Name: Kain Drago
Aliases/Nickname: He is usually just referred to or called Drago. Will use one of several aliases for a job if needed.

Physical Description:
-Sex: Male
-Date of Birth: 3947 BBY (Before the Battle of Yavin)
-Age: 250 (looks in his late 30’s)
-Species: Unknown. Speculation is he shares traits of human and a elf like species.
-Height: 6 feet, 3 inches
-Hair color: Black, cut fairly short.
-Skin Color: Caucasian
-Eyes: Red

-Special notes: Has elflike ears. (World of Warcraft elf like) His species ages differently than most races. At age 30 he would be equivalent to an 15 year old human. Like elves, Asari (from Mass Effect games) or Yoda’s species his species has a very long lifespan. How long is unknown at this time. He seems to have a natural ability to learn things very quickly from observing things (like combat styles), listening or reading.

-Weapons Of Choice: blaster pistol, disruptor rifle, lightsaber (with red blade), a vibro blade located on his right boot and a sniper rifle for certain missions.

This is a Star Wars inspired character from the era just after the Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic games.

-Background Origin:
File data spanning from 3934 BBY - 3697 BBY. (Before the Battle of Yavin)

Kain Drago was the sole survivor of a starship that crashed on an uncharted world when he was a child of 13 years old. He adopted to his environment using the wreckage as his home and hunted the local animals. Using the ships computer and its database library he educated himself over the years.

Then 15 years later a ship landed near where Kain was hunting. He recognized the markings as those belonging to Mandalorians. He watched them for days as they set up camp and trained in combat, apparently they were on a training mission of some sort. Over the next week, Kain managed to actually sneak onboard their ship several times while they were engaged in training and a few times at night when most of them were asleep. Each time Kain traded something he found with something he had brought.

One night he was caught by two Mandalorian guards who was waiting for Kain this time. Unknown to Kain the commander had noticed him the first time he had snuck on his ship but decided to just observe both this young man and his own troops to see if they would notice him. Impressed that this lad had snuck on his ship so many times and annoyed that none of his men had noticed he decided to take Kain in and train him in and train him as a full Mandalorian. Two months later all of them departed the planet.

For the next 36 years Kain worked his way up the ranks of the Mandalorian clan he was a member of. He honed his combat abilities as far as he could take them even becoming a combat instructor for his clan. During a mercenary mission they were on his group was all but wiped out with him taken prisoner by the Trandoshan slavers they were hired to eliminate. The slavers sold their captives to a Sith operative who took them to Ziost a Sith main world.

Once there, Kain and the others were used as live combat training targets for the Sith apprentices to train on. The rules were always simple, fight to survive another day or die where you stood. Over the following few years Kain fought but he also studied his opponents learning from them with each fight. Then during one training session with an Sith trainer who was praised to be one of the best at the time, Kain took this opportunity to fight back fully beyond what was just expected of him. The Sith Lords watching had sensed his anger and growing untapped power but watched and waited to see the outcome. After a series of attacks he overpowered the Sith and used his own lightsaber to kill him. The Sith Lords watching the fight were taken back and impressed by this turn of events. It was very rare a simple sparing target would survive as long as Kain did but to overpower and kill one of the training facilities best was unheard of. Needless to say, they were impressed.

After considering their options and loosing the 4 guards sent in to subdue him, the Sith Lords had found themselves a new weapon to use if he would accept their offer. They offered to train him in their ways if he would work for them. Considering his options and finding that he enjoyed killing his opponents, he accepted. Just like with the Mandalorians, Kain learned from his masters.

Once his training was complete he was given missions that usually involved infiltration and assassination. For nearly the next 200 years Kain did his masters missions they gave him. During his most recent mission to kill a Hutt a wormhole appeared in front of his ship The Tormentor. Before he could change course he was sucked into it and brought out above a planet. Kain was in an unknown region of space thousands of light years from his last position in a new galaxy. The only place to go was a vast city upon the surface, someplace he would later learn was named Crossroads.

During his near 200 year career Kain Drago has killed over 400 targets that were recorded as sanctioned. His list is as varied as it is long ranging from over 54 Jedi, 47 high level government and military held positions, 15 Hutts and even 25 rival Sith assassins. He prefers to kill only his target but in many cases he will need to eliminate security personnel, witnesses or even entire families to get the job done.

He usually likes to use his sniper rifle for long ranged kills but prefers to get close and personnel to his targets and use his lightsaber or blaster pistol for short ranged kills just for the challenge of it.

Sorry I got carried away with his background…. Was rather fun actually.
EireDOrakaa 13 years ago
Any Aliases or Nicknames: Name: Ejhin D'Vanth Alisases: Shroud

Origin or Previous Residence (where or when were you born or perhaps the last place you lived): Norrath - Neriak & House D'Orakaa compound

Species (human, elf, dwarf, vampire, some sort of alien, etc): Teir'dal from EQ1

Physical Description (please include eye and hair colors if applicable): Small, petite, androgynous but wriy and strong, limber. A gamin smile in an impish face, vermillion eyes that glint with mischief, capricious and limpid. The outside facade of the master thief (which she is - her day job being a cat burglar and thief) conceals her deeper identity - that which is Shroud, the assassin. Long sooty tousled hair, washed but usually tousled (or tangled depending on the day) with loose curls, she does not bother to do anything with it, since it tends not to bother her to much, when about on business it's kept under 'wraps'.

Any Special Traits or Abilities: Master Thief, can become invisible, can hide in plain sight, move silently, and is an excellent bladesmistress. Backstabbing, finding traps, disarming are all part of her arsenal. She is a master poisoner & potion maker and uses them extensively, has the ability to regenerate, safe fall and has many masks and potions that can make her look like another race other than her own.

She carries two long knives, both of blackened steel, riding one upon each hip. The left one carries a lock of long white hair worked into the hilt wrapping. Has a "bag of holding' in which are kept the following; thieves tools, potions, poisons, garrotes, wire ect. A few pouches and knives adorn her body, stilletos and other nasty surprises are secreted as well.

She likes to keep readily available a few coins of varying values, each with sharpened or deliberately roughened edges, to these she will apply poison and either ensure that the intended victim will get them but sending it wizzing into them from above. All it takes is a small nick or unlucky prick of their finger or on them at all and her poison is delivered (and most merchants or people rarely look upwards for falling or 'hurtling coin').

Experience (brief history of your past): Just a small story to give you an idea of her...

Above the street, paved in cobblestones and rough-hewn rock, above the pathways of tireless treaded ground is an area few think of. The 'high street', the 'upper alley', the 'moonlight pathways' or simply called as it was 'roof walkin'. It was usually a safer place for individuals such as Ejhin was.

For Ejhin was a 'roof walker', amongst other things. She had been known to practice the 'liftin' lay' or to 'nobble' a few marks. She was also known by other means and only two alive knew her other identity.

Still it was a quiet night both down upon the pathways proper and up here on the 'high street'. With a boneless grace a tiny petite figure folds itself down upon the gabled gutters that overlook the street. Pushing back long tangled sooty locks, from a gamin impish face, dominated by two vermilion eyes - which had been known to be both limpid and capricious simultaneously. Slim to the point of androgynous, yet with an unmistakeable swagger and sway to her hips. A total hoyden is Ejhin.

Clad in varying shades of grey leather, from the darkest coals to the light grey of day old ashes, still waiting to be raked. Mottled and elusive, tight and supple is her wardrobe. No loose bits or buckles that might catch upon a frame or latch, during an untimely departure. Even her blades are...odd. Both are blackened steel, purposely designed to absorb light, the edges honed to a lethal edge, still as black as night, not a bit of brilliance to give the edge away.

However, upon her main-gauche, there intertwined in the handle, coupled with the black leather binding is a stark white 'ribbon'. A gift from an old comrade, a single lock of hair...an amusing tale that never ceases to bring a charmingly crooked grin to her gamin face.

Settling wedged in the lee of a chimney Ejhin pulls a dusty old pouch from her belt, inside is an odd assortment of things, which will surely bring an irrepressible smile to the deceitful little beauty.

Ahhhh...there, there were a few vendors and figures bustling down the dim streets, heads bowed beneath cloaks or cowls, beneath the weight of sorrow or hatred. Each was ripe for Ejhin's night of fun.

A swiftly practiced dip of her tiny fingers brings a highly polished river stone to her hand. Vermillion eyes dance with motes of malicious delight as they find their first victim. A poor weary under-librarian, trudging home from a strenuous day of copying unintelligible and mostly illegible meanderings of mouldy old tomes.

A subtle flick or her wrist and the polished river stone whizzes into the evening, heading with an uncanny accuracy to ping into the victim’s right calf, hard enough to leave a bruise.

Tiny fingers and fists are stuffed into her mouth, muffling the discordant chiming of her laughter as Ejhin listens and watches the curses of the under-librarian, the muffled oaths and vituperous words flung at the nearest stall vendor.

Tiny fingers dip yet again into that pouch, lifting up the next object to hurtle from above, to entangle and aggravate the unwary, like a curse from Innoruuk.

Hope that helps
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