ROUND 1 Mafia Kill - Brujah BBQ

They set off separately into the island to start the scavenger hunt. Every now and again they would cross paths, sharing knowing looks, maybe even discussing what they had found on their journey. First they headed south, coming across the arena. There they found a broken arrow. Next they traversed the east side, crossing the wooden plant bridge and into the lush green foliage. There amongst the trees, they found a lighter. Moving down, further east, passed the lagoon edge, they circled to the very northern point of the island. There they found driftwood, littered about the small section of the sandy beach that wasn't covered in jagged rocks. A particular piece of wood drew their attention; its shape caused snickers and rather colorful analogies.

In the distance they heard the girlish yelps of Vinnie, the vampire. With glittering eyes, they moved back into the foliage near the lagoon and watched as he passed their hiding spot.


"He'll do."

"No real loss."

"Let's do it then."

Together our intrepid murderers followed Vinnie down to the sandy beach, standing next to a heap of driftwood, poking at it with his crucifix.


Vinnie jumped at the voice, turning and facing the other guests, his mouth clamping down on his startled squeal. "Oh, it's you guys." He straightened his now oily hair.

One of the guests looked quizzically at their prey. "The sun is high in the sky - you must be a powerful brujah to brave its deathly rays."

Vinnie pushed back his shoulders and tried to look as handsome as possible. "I am powerful," he said as his shoulders slumped, "but it's still daylight and I wanted to look around."

The murderers looked at each other, snickering softly. Yes, Vinnie would definitely do.


“Why can’t I see the early footage,” Ty complained. “This tells me nothing!”

“That footage is unavailable.”

Through gritted teeth, Ty snarled into his headset. “What do you –mean-, it’s unavailable?”

“That footage is unavailable.”

Shit. First a death on the island, and now his artificially intelligent surveillance was on the fritz. Had she been hacked? Was there more foul play here?

There certainly was enough evidence of foul play on the beach. It appeared that someone had bled Vinnie like a pig before lighting him on fire. BBQ’ed vampire, coming right up. Ty felt sick at the sight on his monitor, and couldn’t fathom how the crowd that had gathered could stand the smell.

One of the onlookers asked the question he had thought to ponder as well; why hadn’t Vinnie struggled? How does one burn to death with water so nearby? The others seemed to agree that he’d been bled first, weakening him, but Vinnie was a big guy. How had this happened?

Ty spoke aloud what everyone down there must be thinking.

“They ganged up on him. There’s a pack on my Island.”

Victoria, thinking Ty was speaking to her no doubt, responded. “Everything is going according to plan, Master.”

He felt a sick twist in his gut that turned to a surprised laugh as someone on the beach picked up a piece of driftwood. Looks like a dick, he thought, before listening to the person’s theory on how Vinnie might have thought it was a gun at his back. Look at them. They’re so calm. Almost as though they were all expecting something like this to happen. They were all looking at the body, speculating, trying to understand how and why Vinnie had died. Shouldn’t they be in shock or something?

“Victoria? What do you mean, ‘everything is going according to plan’?”

“It’s all part of the story, Master.”

“Victoria, the story has to stop now. Someone had died. Do you understand?”

“The game will continue.”

Ty felt his blood run cold at that. Victoria had not been hacked; she’d probably deleted the evidentiary footage herself. “We’ve created a monster. A monster just like me…” Wasn’t the story thus far all too familiar to him? A story of greed and acquisition, of a hunger for power gone wrong?

Victoria’s voice sounded almost fond when she answered. “Just like you, Master.”

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Mike 13 years ago
Ew! Someone was dead. That was just so… squickey. Thank god it wasn’t Alexander. Christian quickly found his fiancé and held his hand.

“They’re going to call the cops right? Go all CSI and whatever.”

It was a nasty sight too, he was so, well so crispy. He shuddered and casted some suspicious looks at the other players. He couldn’t help but look at a couple of the guys, it would take some one big and strong to hold him down while he bleed out. Oh or could it be one of the girls? The one had a gun… well sort of. Maybe hold it on him while he was cut and bleeding promising to get help or to let him live.

The more he thought about it the more edgy Christian got, he was half hiding behind Alex at this point. They were looking for another vampire he decided, but one that apparently didn’t need blood.
Ksagag 13 years ago
What the hell is going on here?! Jaz thought frantically. How the hell did someone get murdered... What the hell is this place? Shit I knew I shouldn't have come!

Jaz looked around wildly at the group that formed around the dead 'vampire'. Some one or ones were responsible for this. She cast suspicious eyes at everyone, racking her brain on who had the balls to not only light someone on fire, but drain them as well. Yuck.

"Wait!" she called out to the group. She had an idea. "Maybe it's not really him! I mean, maybe he set something up to scare us all. No one could have honestly been murdered here. Right? Right?! This is all a big joke and it will go away... heh."

Ugh, I think I'm going to be sick! With that, Jaz ran behind a couple bushes and lost her breakfast.
Dia 13 years ago
Standing back from the group under a palm tree, Miri squeezed her eyes closed as one of the girls ran by and threw up. She could still hear the sounds of the retching and it made her stomach turn. It had been a long wait for breakfast this morning and she wasn't ready to give it up that soon.

"You're going to have to get over this introvert thing pretty soon young lady!" her moms voice cut through her mind.

Something felt wrong about standing around staring at a dead body. Maybe the puking girl was right. Maybe this was apart of the game and it was all fake. The smell of charred flesh caught on the breeze and her stomach tightened once more.

Maybe it was real. Maybe they shouldn't be guaking at the deceased like he wasn't a human being.

"Hey, maybe we should go back inside." Miri said softly.

Suddenly it was a lot hotter out there than it had been.
Blackrabbit 13 years ago
Alexander had no idea how to respond to the blackened corpse on the beach. He just nodded at Christian and agreed. "They have to call the authorities."

The trouble even beyond that, in his opinion, was the fact that aside from the clean-up crew, he hadn't seen anyone else on the island. No one came to talk to them. No one came to reassure them this had been a horrible accident and they were welcome to leave and go get counseling. Shouldn't someone have intervened by now? Called a time-out, or something?

Alexander hadn't had a chance to know Vinnie; the vampire LARPer had mostly seemed uncomfortable around Alex and Christian both during their few brief interactions, way more enthusiastic about the women in the group. There were very few people he thought deserved to die though, so unless this unlikely-looking man had been someone very, very bad in life, Alex had to wonder what was in store for everyone else.

He wrapped his arms around Christian and said, "I think this is insane, for the record."
Mai 13 years ago
Adila narrowed her eyes and scrunched up her nose. Someone had said there had been a death on the island. It was mentioned in hushed whispers like most fascinating gossip that was just a little bit too personal, to someone anyway, to be said in a normal voice.

She really hadn't expected this burning husk out on the beach. She expected it to be some weekend warrior running around in too much armor with not enough water and good sense. It would be an unfortunate accident or heart attack. Not this. This was like some sacrifice to the ancient gods of whacked and pyscho.

Living in inner city Detroit, Adila was no stranger to death and crime but this was just sick. People mugged people and took their money, they killed each other over turf and beat each other up over some trashy gang banger. They did NOT roast someone alive for no apparant reason. Suburbanites were just plain loco.

Perhaps it was too much sugar in their iced lattes.

Turning around, Adila headed back to her hotel room; She had some packing to do. Nodding her agreement to the voice of reason on the beach, the girl standing near the tree line, Miri, Adila was relieved to see someone else had some sense. Whatever the case, the rest of the people may want to stand around here and conspire about whether or not it was real but this city girl knew when to get the hell out of dodge.
ROzbeans 13 years ago
Momo stood with the others and tried not to breath through her nose. They hadn't even been there a day and someone was dead? Looking around, she tried to look at anything but the smoldering corpse.

"Even if they do call someone, how long will it take for anyone to get here? Aren't we trapped here?"

Pulling on her long sleeves, Momo suddenly felt very stupid dressed in reverse drag with nothing better to add than the obvious.
pharren 13 years ago
Amateurs. What were they expecting? Everyone comes from a different roleplaying background here. Did they think that everyone else was just going to conform to their silly little vampire elf magician assassin robot ninja unicorn fantasy? Wrong. I am a Sith Lord.

Stanley kept his best poker face on, but underneath he was alternately irritated at the people breaking character on Day One, and amused by the charbroiled fat guy. Greatly amused.

"We do not require the assistance of any law enforcement agency." There. Someone has to take charge; might as well be me. "I, for one, am going to continue my quest, as planned, and I am not about to be stopped by whoever or whatever relieved this miserable sentient of his pathetic little life. He is better off dead. If any of you weaklings would prefer to cower in the local cantina, then be my guest. It will keep you out of my way, which makes for a much safer environment. For you." Stanley did an abrupt about-face and attempted to storm off.

Am I storming off? I hope I am. Did my cloak billow? I hope my cloak is billowing. These fools would be impressed by my billowing cloak. That stupid 'Vinnie' we met earlier was probably another automaton. The remains we found here are obviously some sort of fake; all part of the roleplaying scenario. Really. Who would murder a LARPer?