Multiple Personality TAC

After Mafia is over, I was thinking of doing an RP story of one person with four personalities. All we would need is four people to post in sequence and take over where the other person left off. Are there any interested parties?

Jetamio 12 years ago
Sounds like fun, but I can't commit to stuff with daily deadlines atm Hence why I stayed out of Larper's ;s
ROzbeans 12 years ago
You know I'm in.
Verileah 12 years ago
I have like 8 personalities all by myself.

I kid. I'm intrigued?
KaAnna 12 years ago
Fo sho! Very creative idea ;D
Blackrabbit 12 years ago
I'd play if you need another, but you appear to have enough. I'll read and applaud though!