ROUND 2 SAVE: Let Him Go

Who knew the arena would be so popular the day after a murder... The silhouette in the shadows waited until the sounds of people moving around were gone.

"I wonder what they were up to." You couldn't really blame people for wanting to travel in packs these days. It was certainly safer. Course, how do you know who isn't part of the vampire hunt club?

There was a small noise that sounded like it was from the pit area. Coming out of the tunnel, the person could see... a tiger?! We'll just head quietly back in the other direction, now. Wait, is that a person?!

There has got to be something around here to distract it with... There were cages and tools and, that might work! Taking the bucket of raw meat, which appeared to be the tiger's original intended lunch, the person moved back out into the arena.

"Here kitty, kitty." I can't believe I just said that. A little louder."Come on, this stuff isn't warm but at least it won't fight back, right?" Setting the bucket down, they waited until the big feline was distracted before heading to the person on the ground.

"I'm here to help you." Looking at the designer shirt that Alex was wearing, the rescuer winced and pulled a strip of it off and bound it around the ranger's leg.

"Some things are more important than fashion."


Prince looked up from his bucket ‘o meat and crouched low as the large black object hovered into view. Prey came pouring out of an opening in the side, collecting the wounded body on the ground. No big loss – he would find more lively game now that he was free of his cage.

While everyone else was distracted with getting the injured man into the helicopter and off to the infirmary, Prince, a 500 pound Bengal tiger, slipped silently out of the arena and into the trees.

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