Rules Reminder!

Are out of character comments completely forbidden in this game?
You can put out of character comments irrelevant to the game at the beginning or end of your posts in the role playing threads, clearly marked with OOC. For example:

OOC: I have to go out of town for a few days so I won’t be able to respond as often.

Think of out of character comments as being similar to the ghost thread comments – nothing useful.

I'm just posting this to remind everyone how the ooc comments work. Discussing clues in ooc needs to stop right now - as well as alliance type discussions etc. Saying your phone is dying, or that you'll be gone is completely ok.

I realize there are some kinks still in the game, but the rules can't just break down. Verileah and I have been discussing your suggestions and issues at length, and are hoping to implement some changes in the next round to hopefully make those things go smoother. I know it can be frustrating since you've put effort into your characters, but it's still a beta game and we'll have to learn and adapt as we go. Please be patient with us and each other, and hopefully we can still have a great game and setup some fun stuff for the furture!

Just so I'm not being vague, some of the stuff we are hoping to add in include:

An OOC thread, but not for gameplay discussions (good idea!) - just to help you guys coordinate like with being gone,, having limited access, or a quick "hey I'll join in with you guys at the lagoon as soon as I get home from work!" type of thing. Also a place we can laugh about funny stuff that happens (like everything Wystro says).

We're talking about making the voting thread completely ooc where you just post who you vote for. This way people dont' have to rationalize who their character votes for, or why their character is even voting to murder someone when it's completely out of character for them. Then when the lynch happens it will be a mob mentality.

Also we're hoping to clean up the timing on events, and progress things temporally so that everything doesn't just seem to happen in timeless space.

Once we figure out the details we'll make it all clear right away. We would like to finish this round up as is for continuity. Please keep the feedback coming though - it's the only way we can make this better.

Blackrabbit 13 years ago
Noted, thanks for clarifying
Mai 13 years ago
I guess no more ooc to clarify the difference between character and player =/