Swimming with the fishes (Round 2 lynch scene)

Trevor stumbled into the lobby where the rest of the LARPers were arguing conspiratorially. He was drunk. He’d slept in that morning after being up all night sick, of all times, right before what should have been the ultimate roleplaying experience. Since then he’d been shunned at every turn. He could hear the accusations whispered behind his back, and so, he drank instead of trying to get to know these amateurs. He tried to ignore the gathered crowd as he walked passed, heading for the bar.

I’m telling you, it was Trevor!

Trevor stopped. Me? Are you serious? Trevor could feel his temper rising. He turned, about to let whoever had spoken have it, when he suddenly realized everyone had risen. He took a step back.

Come on, you guys can’t be this crazy.

You killed Vinnie, you bastard.

Don’t forget Alexander, crack shot my ass

Trevor was so stunned by the comment he momentarily lost his fear. um? You know that’s just a character right? Right?

It didn’t matter. Tempers were flaring, and the panic of the attacks had everyone on edge. Trevor could see the frustration of being helpless bubble up in the other’s eyes as they closed in on him, voices rising in anger. He held up his hands and took a few more steps back, but the frenzy was growing. The crowd closed in. Trevor felt a blow to his ribs, he wasn’t sure if it was a fist or a knee. Gasping for air, he tried to straighten up just as he felt another land on his shoulder, and then another. Finally, someone gave him a hard shove that sent him flying back, into, and through the small table holding the guest computer, and right into the koi pond. The computer followed him.

The crowd quieted as the sound of the computer crackling, and Trevor thrashing, washed over them. The stench of burning flesh filled the room. Soon, it was all the LARPers could do not to vomit or flee the room. Eventually, Trevor was reduced to slight twitching as dead, charred, koi floated around him.

A grown man’s voice from behind the group interrupted the silence that followed.

Lightning bolt. Lightning bolt. Lightning bolt.

Everyone turned at once to see Victoria standing there, speaking in a voice that was not her usual one.

This is humor?

Victoria mimicked a shrug before turning and walking out of the lobby.