Ty watched in disgust as the recording played out on his screen. He wasn’t sure why, when he had spent hundreds of thousands on ‘eyes’ for Victoria, the best they could do for security footage was a night-vision shades-of-green view, the top half of which was blocked by a kitchen cabinet.
For a long moment there was nothing but shadows and shuffling outside of the frame, and so Ty mused on his guests – the ones who hadn’t been murdered horribly, yet. Everyone was understandably edgy. Looking at each other suspiciously. This was supposed to be a fantasy, but it was a cold hard reality. One was dead, another nearly so. Some one on this island had gone over to the dark side, maybe several some ones.

It wasn’t surprising that a number of players hadn’t really had much to eat. Only natural that some one would eventually show up in the kitchen for a little after-dinner treat. Soon Ty spotted a figure move into the frame, heard voices off camera but nearby.


The figure started slightly.

“Yeah a bit? You guys too?”

Ty frowned; there was clearly something wrong with the audio. He could make out the words well enough, but the voices were distorted somehow. Maybe Victoria could clean this up a little. He watched as the figure moved into a defensive posture, clearly on guard, probably recognizing that they were the odd one out of a pack. Ty reasoned that it was probably a natural reaction, traveling in a group like that. This one probably should have thought of that. Why hadn’t she? Why on earth was she wandering around alone?

“There’s always room for desert.”

“Oh is that Jell-O?”

Finally a face appeared in the frame, bent slightly over a bowl of what did indeed appear to be Jell-O. Ty recognized the face as belonging to Chrystal, the woman playing Hirihito.

Before she could turn to answer, someone grabbed her neck and forced her into the unset Jell-O. Ty watched as she gasped but only got a mouth full of low calorie fat free fruity desert for the trouble. No matter how much she struggled, Chrystal just couldn’t break free. Lack of oxygen was making her weak; it was getting harder and harder to fight back. It was a huge mold and no matter what the commercials said there wasn’t always room; even trying to eat/drink it wasn’t working.

Slowly, Chrystal went limp, then appeared to lose consciousness. Ty thought rather morbidly that she would never have to worry about looking for a midnight snack again. Then he thought of this woman’s kids and wanted to vomit.
The screen went black.
Ty spoke into his headpiece. “No one can see this. Destroy it immediately.”
“Yes, Master.”
In the hotel, on every monitor, on every screen and television, the footage played in an endless loop.


The death chopper crew was just exiting the back door as everyone ran into the kitchen, thinking with alarm that perhaps what they were seeing on the screens was happening right now. But they were too late; all that was left to see was a mess of half formed orange jello.

The driftwood dildo was nowhere to be seen.

Blackrabbit 13 years ago
Alex didn't need to see anything else. After viewing the half-formed jell-o that was the only impression left of Chrystal he headed back out to his makeshift lobby bed with the rest of the group.

"Well, obviously someone didn't like her claim," he said, "and it's clear that some of us here have something to hide. It had to have taken more than one person to hold her face into that bowl."

He considered the voices that had been speaking. "Is it even worth asking if anyone got a clue out of that mess, or should we just barricade ourselves in our rooms and pray for the best?"

Alex wasn't afraid to admit he was terrified. He'd gotten a reprieve for now but when you only had to run faster than the slowest guy on the island, well, his future with a banged-up leg wasn't looking too bright.
Mike 13 years ago
Christian just felt dirty, something about watching that again and again was just creepy. He was starting to think about throwing something through a monitor just to make it stop. Before he did that, he had the good sense to just shut them off.

“What kind of clue are you supposed to get from drowning in Jell-O?”

He puzzled, a little snarkily.

“Remind me not to every make it for desert again though.”
Mai 13 years ago
Adila glared at the monitors for a while before turning and paying attention to Alex and Christian. Its not like its the tv's fault for what was shown on it.

"She was clearly defensive even before they moved into attack her. I have to wonder why that is. Perhaps they had clearly visible weapons or perhaps the only girl?"

She tapped the pencil absently against her lip and frowned in thought. "Its hard to tell but this seems sort of different. Almost like they snuck up on her, maybe there is one less of them?" Adila sighed. "That's probably too much to hope for."

((OOC: I have had a long hellish day at work (framing computers down, no one else scheduled but me on a friday ) So I haven't had much of a chance to roleplay or to really pour over the hit this time. Tomorrow is a long day as well and so is Sunday so I shall be sadly, fairly scarce. ))
Mike 13 years ago
Christian was losing it, this was exactly how he reacted when Alex tried to teach him something useful and outdoorsy. He got all cranky and snappish. Of course, generally, Alexander would make it better and relax him. But poor Alex was in no position to sooth him.

“Are you sure its a they? I mean I guess I heard more than one voice there but maybe they were just playing their character?”

He sighed and tried to think clearly, which meant curling up with Alexander on the lobby bed.

“I don't know that it would have to be more than one. That sith lord,” Christian didn't play in that world but he was careful about his terms, “he's pretty big. You might be able to if you weren't so beat up.”

Alex wasn't exactly a wimp.

“I need tea, does any one else? They have to have some chamomile in this place.”

((OOC... that sounds... er... fun? Rabbit is more or less AFK too so... no stress. ))
Blackrabbit 13 years ago
Alex shrugged at Christian. "Well, it doesn't look like anyone else on this island is about to step in and give us a hand so it seems logical to figure this out ourselves."

He did his best to comfort Christian, who was naturally keyed up and upset, and responded to Adila, who seemed to be the only one who was thinking along the same lines as he was now. "She did seem kind of on edge there."

Then Christian spoke up again and Alex nodded at him. "You're right. He's big enough to have done that alone." When Christian offered to get tea Alex frowned. He didn't want Christian going off alone in light of what had just happened recently. "Be careful. It's not safe alone. I'll come with you if you want."
ROzbeans 13 years ago
Momo had washed the stubble off her face and discarded her wizard robe. It had become apparent that the Island getaway was more than a LARPers paradise after Vinnie had been burnt to a crisp, but with Alex's failed murder attempt, her outfit just seemed ridiculous.

Momo watched the replay of Crystal's death-by-jello with a critical eye, tilting her head to the side, trying to locate clues. "Well," Momo started, "Crystal did say 'guys', but that could also be asexual?" She shrugged in front of the other guests. "The Sith Lord...uh...Stanley? He seems to be role playing a little too hardcore still. It could be him."
Dia 13 years ago
Miri covered her mouth with both hands. She was seriously going to throw up. Tears flooded her eyes and escaped in little streams down her cheeks.

"I wanna go home."

Seriously, this was fucked up on so many levels. It wasn't safe here and she had no place to run. Maybe she could swim away from this place of murder and violence. Plopping down onto the ground in the lobby she began sobbing into her arms. Why did Chrystal go off alone? Maybe she shouldnt of called so much attention to herself like she did by talking over the intercom. Whoever these people were must of heard it and came for her. Sniffing she wiped her eyes on her long sleeve.

"Guys is still plural though. So it's gotta be more than one person who wants us dead." She stiffled another round of sobs.

"Is there anyone we can call to come get us off this island? Where's the person who sent us the invitations, don't they know whats going on?"
Mike 13 years ago
“Sith always work in pairs.”

Christian said with some authority. It wasn't exactly his favorite genre but he knew enough about other LARPs to know that much about Sith.

“But on one says it has to be two guys or a guy and a girl. But still if he's one of the pair...I think it is always supposed to be an apprentice and a master. And he seemed awfully offended we weren't getting the details on Vinnie, and what if his 'apprentice' is the one who messed up with Alexander.”

He absently rubbed Alex's back, trying to reassure himself the other man was still there. He was right, he couldn't just go alone to get tea.

“If your leg is up to it. Or I'll do with out. That's fine too.”
Mai 13 years ago
Adila listened to the information going back and forth;trying to keep up with the bit about the Sixth something or other and how they come in pairs.

"Okay, so you want to say someone has a partner out there because of his character? But no one else was roleplaying the same thing? We might as well vote for Liza because she works with desserts and Chrystal died in one... I mean at least that's her real occupation and something she would know about right? Of course I am just not sure how one trains to kill with jello." Sighing she looked at the sparce notes in her book. "And you know they did say that Vinnie was probably bleed to near death before they torched him. Two very real swords could easily accomplish that."

She shrugged. "I just don't know at all really."
Mike 13 years ago
Christian sighed. She had a good point. Although the Sith guy seemed -very- into his character.

“Maybe it's a lawyer thing? Having to be in power?”

Suddenly he burst into very inappropriate giggles. He just couldn't help it, the idea of being trained to kill with Jell-O was funny. He wondered what else you could be taught to kill with. Cotton Candy? Pees? Lima beans!

Around his giggles he managed to answer Topaz.

"I don't think any of us do."
Blackrabbit 13 years ago
Alex wrapped his arms around Christian and expressed his opinion that Christian not go anywhere in that manner. He listened to everyone chatting and comparing notes and had to admit they all raised some valid points. He felt his lips twist up in a wry smile at Adila's suggestion and shrugged.

"You make a valid point. She might kill via dessert, but it wasn't a cupcake killing."

Still she did have two very sharp swords and she was an assassin.