Ghost Thread

Ty jumped as a the book behind him hit the floor. He peeled his eyes away from the TV and starred at the rogue novel. What the hell? The boat isn't even rocking. He placed it back on the small table and went back to his plush sofa to take in a little more Oprah. It wasn't that Ty enjoyed the show, he just enjoyed trying to figure out how others got sucked in to these shows. Understanding the way people ticked was key when you had to manipulate their money from them, any good businessman would tell you that.

Lost in his own thoughts, it took Ty a moment to realize that his screen was flickering. In between Oprah swearing some new book or other was the greatest thing ever written Ty was catching momentary glimpses of a dark scene that almost looked like it was in nightvision. It was then that the struggles and suffocation in JELLO began playing out again on his TV in half-second clips in between Oprah's winning smile. What the hell? I told her to delete that!. Suddenly the scene was Trevor in the fountain twitching wildly as koi floated around him. There wasn't even footage of that!.

Ty jumped up and hurried from the room, hoping to find someone, anyone, to interact with and confirm he wasn't going crazy....

(/ooc Haunt Ty here! But only if you're dead. Remember, nothing useful - just good old fashion haunting)

Mike 13 years ago
*sobs* really Alex really?! you realize this means the wedding is off and I am SO going to haunt your ass!